Mundane Metaphysics (everyday magic)

DSCN9603So often when people discover metaphysics they latch on to the idea of finding their soulmate or some other dreamy cause. Or they think metaphysics provides an avenue for continually being in bliss which is just another way of using spirituality as an addiction or escapism.

The ancients who worked with metaphysics did so for practical purposes. For instance, in Babylonia, the astrologer performed the role of adviser to the aristocrats. He warned of floods, plagues, and ascension of kings as well as the fall of kings and empires. During the renaissance astrology and other metaphysical practices were combined with the arts and science thus giving the term renaissance man. Even medical doctors practiced astrology as the planets and transits corresponded to parts of the body and overall health.

But somewhere along the line in the 20th century, astrology and even card reading transformed from a useful mundane practice to entertainment. It didn’t help with astrology books such as Love Signs or Sun Signs by Linda Goodman (I did enjoy reading those books), then people looked at astrology for finding their perfect match based on his or her Sun Sign. Then at some point, the new age train hooked up with connecting with soulmates instead of following the suggestions in a song, “Love the One Your With,” now it was go search for your soulmate in a narcissistic fashion.

It’s no wonder metaphysics has received a bad rap and people make that woo-woo gesture when I tell them I practice astrology and give professional readings. Angel card readers have it even more challenging, especially if they include faeries in their readings. Come on, some people say, this isn’t the Land of Oz, but the real world.

So let’s take a look at how metaphysics can be used in the real world such as in getting employment, paying the bills, getting a promotion, buying or selling a home. What about using astrology for a career you already have? It’s all possible under mundane astrology. But even card readings can be used in a practical way, depending on the type of reader you visit.

I practice two types of astrology: Transformation Astrology which has to do with the path to spiritual or soul mastership and Practical Astrology which deals with down to earth topics such as what type of career that’s best for a client and best means to pay bills (not that astrologers don’t fall behind on bills).

Mundane metaphysics keeps us grounded in physical reality because even though we see ourselves as spirits we are having a physical experience. I even heard a Abraham Hicks video today where Abraham told a woman in the hot seat that she’s living in a physical world so meditating all the time and working on raising her frequency was actually working against her. And I’m hearing this message a lot coming from different sources.

If you do find yourself floating in Never Never Land, go do the dishes and clean house. Go for a brisk walk while noticing your feet touching the ground, sit at the base of a large tree, or try balancing your checkbook. Do something mundane.

Neptune might be a good place to visit but we don’t want to stay there. So let’s take care of the practical details of our lives using metaphysical tools. And this can be as simple as asking a deck of cards about your next step in finding a job, securing a new home, or relocating to a new town. And once the cards give you that information it’s up to you to act. Some people will want to meditate on what comes up but then they are missing an opportunity and relying too heavily on metaphysics. The key is to take inspired action.

I will write more on this topic in the future, but right now I must do the practical thing and get off my computer because there’s a storm outside my window.

If you would like mundane metaphysical coaching, please contact me at wholemusicexp at

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