Cleanliness Leads to Divinity


Does your home look like a tornado ran through it?

Perhaps, it’s my puritan upbringing coming through since I was raised as a Lutheran when I say that cleanliness and orderliness helps us reach our spiritual goals. And it’s more than that, if we are serious about manifesting our desires, we must clear the way for our manifestations to enter our lives.

Besides staying grounded, have you ever wondered why cloistered communities or even ashram communities spend time doing mundane chores that keeps their space clean and orderly? Work does keep us humble and grounded, but keeping our lives in order allows our manifestations space to enter.

For instance, I’m relatively a neat and clean person, but my wallet is a mess. I stuff old receipts into it and I stuff dollar bills in it which isn’t exactly treating money respectfully. Don’t even ask me the state of my check register. And so it’s no wonder why money doesn’t flow easily to me. Complaining isn’t going to solve that problem, but cleaning out my wallet and coming up with a budget does. The cleanliness provides space and the budget provides order for prosperity.


I’ve been watching videos and reading blogs and books on the tiny house movement which started in the US and is now worldwide as people downsize their lives. And in doing so, the volunteer simplicity advocates talk about how all the clutter in our lives keeps us stuck in debt or we lose our freedom to travel. We find that we have to work longer hours or endure longer commutes to have all this stuff and then our lives are also spiritually bankrupt because who has time to do spiritual activities with all that commuting and working in the mundane world?

And we must ask ourselves, why must we have so much stuff that we’re buried in it. The common joke in the videos is that people are living in homes the size of someone’s walk-in closet. Well, that must be a huge closet full of clothing that is hardly ever worn because we only have one body and there are only so many days in a week or even a year to wear those clothes. And this is more of a North American than a European problem. Think of the French woman who learned how to make do with a limited wardrobe through the art of accessorizing–the silk scarf goes a long ways. And speaking of Europeans, they tend to have smaller homes, smaller appliances, and they used to have smaller cars at one time.

Of course, downsizing is a process. We give up our belongings little by little through recycling, re-use, gifting, and pairing down. We all have our weaknesses too. Since I reviewed recordings for 25+ years, I have plenty of compact disks, and also lots of books, and not so many shoes, but I love my shoes. Some people have recreational equipment (some of which they never use, but had intended to at one point).

Hire a de-cluttering queen to help you through the process or a master organizer. You could also hire me as a coach and together we can define your true values and this in itself helps with the cleaning and clearing process. Sometimes it’s just beliefs and patterns we must clear and at other times, the entire desk or room or house.

There’s a woman who stands out in the tiny house videos I have watched. She’s a middle age woman with congestive heart failure who doesn’t know how much time she has left on earth. She sold her 1,500 square foot house and now lives in a 84 square micro home in a friend’s backyard (or did when the videos were made two years ago). She mentioned that since she didn’t know how much time she had left, she reevaluated her life and what truly mattered to her–not all her stuff.

Most of my belongings languish in a storage unit across town from where I type this post–taking up less than half of a 5 x 9 storage unit. Granted I don’t have a bed because I had to get rid of it after living in the last apartment. And even with this little bit of stuff (which comes from my entire life by the way), I still could recycle and donate some of those belongings while repairing clothing and the soles of one pair of shoes.

So the point of my blog post is that it’s easier to reach our spiritual goals when we de-clutter our space and get organized. Cleanliness it seems does lead to godliness or at least to a clear channel to the Divine. Could this be why so many people are living the simpler life now? True freedom comes when we create balance between the mundane and the spiritual.

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I'm a former Washingtonian from Washington State, not Washington DC. I currently reside in Pennsylvania, even though my dream was to live and work in Vermont.

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