Intuitive Coaching 101-Finding Your Inner Swan

Archival post from Bonjour Bellingham


photo by Patricia Herlevi “Dream Duck”

We’ve all felt awkward at times like the sore thumb or the gangling swan among petite ducks in the pond. However, we all look forward to the ending of the Ugly Duckling story.

I’m thinking of the Nine of Air card in Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Tarot Deck where a single unicorn awakens among eight sleeping unicorn. And I believe that many of you find yourself in similar situations as you awaken spiritually while those closest to you snore while they slumber ignorant to the changes happening in the world. Worst yet, when you do interact with your loved ones still in the throes of 3-D reality, you suffer the fate of the village freak or the fool who shouts, “The sky is falling!”

However, while others might reject us and our new world visions, let’s not reject them. Do we really expect others to wake up if we shame or judge them for not participating with the new energies presented to us? Perhaps we act too smug at times like we have all the answers. I know I do this and then chastise myself later. Perhaps you act smug for the same reasons that I do, because you sense your uniqueness and assume that makes you special or omnipresent.

I know that the more I wake up spiritually, I think of myself as the swan among ducklings, not quite fitting in with my ego taking a beating. It reminds of that saying accredited to Jesus about people not knowing how they’re actions affect their brothers–something to do with the right hand not having awareness of what the left hand is doing.  However, we must remember that we really only have two choices of how we react on the planet–out of love or out of fear.  And just because we have the luxury and resources to experiences spiritual awakenings doesn’t mean that we are better than all the others still snoring at the wheel of life. It just means that we must develop self-love and love other people where they’re at.

I remember as a child hearing the story of the ugly duckling and thinking of the swan getting revenge on the ducks. “Yeah, so you thought I was pathetic did you? Well, now look at my unique beauty with my long neck and pure white feathers. Jealous now?” I thought that the unique person finally got the upper hand, but wait a minute. Perhaps the message of the story is not only to accept our uniqueness while not getting caught up in sameness, but also to embrace others as they are without trying to change them.  Wouldn’t we act like hypocrites if we snubbed the ducklings just because they snubbed us swans?

So I guess my message here is to love everyone whether or not they strike out as lone wolves or run with the pack. Everyone develops at his or her own pace even if some of us would love to witness everyone waking up at once like a sleepover at a high school gym.  “Oh, look the cheerleaders are awake and they’re shouting so that everyone else wakes up too.” Don’t we all want to fit into the pack even when we know that we are different in some way? But that’s not the answer either.

Shine in your uniqueness so that you inspire others to discover their authenticity.  It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Our egos want to separate from others and tell us that we are special. Our egos want to compete and one-up the others and even in some cases, get revenge. But I think the swan in the Ugly Duckling story simply floated off and fell in love with another swan, not giving the ducklings much thought.  “Oh, yes, those strange quacking birds live on the other side of the pond. They do their thing and I do mine.”

Let’s accept ourselves and others where we are and in doing this we find common ground. I discovered that when we strip away religious and political beliefs as well as, economics we have more in common than we first imagined. As humans we make up humanity and like it or not, we share the same planet–the beautiful blue Earth.

If you’re developing spiritually and require new tools to help you cope with the changes, sign up for an intuitive coaching sessions at Metaphysics for Everyday Living under Intuitive Coaching.  My main focus are artists and entrepreneurs as well as, those of you on your path to soul mastery. 

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