Meaning of the Indigo Aura (Era of Change-Makers)


Were you born with a lot of indigo in your aura? Some people call people with indigo auras Indigo Children, but I’ll refrain from using any labels in this post since none of us are more special than anyone else. However, an indigo aura does place you in a compromised position even if you chose that role before taking your first breath in this lifetime.

I’m not going to give you a description of a person with dominant indigo in their aura because you can find that information in Doreen Virtue’s or Lee Carroll’s books specifically written on Indigo Children. But I will say that people with indigo auras have existed throughout all time, but since the planet is shifting now, many souls have chosen to come into this lifetime carrying the indigo signature.

So what does that look like from a societal standpoint? First, we were born into damaged or wounded families (a collection of people coming to the planet to heal themselves), but the dominant indigo person is the only one awake in the family drama. He or she is the truth-seeker and truth-teller while having zero tolerance for hypocritical behavior or living in denial. This person is fierce, courageous, but still battles with fear like everyone else. Often these people are empathic as they feel everything from everyone and it can get overwhelming at times. Some dominant indigo people lash out with aggression or violence because they feel overwhelmed or long to fit in but can’t go with the program. They often end up in abusive or co-dependent situations and are a magnet for narcissists until they develop self-love and liberate themselves from entanglements.

Now, the way to heal this overwhelm is to realize that we came here with indigo auras on purpose. We knew that our families would be far from perfect and that we would suffer wounding from our birth families but that would ultimately bring healing to us and through us to other people on the planet. Think of a bodhisattva on steroids. Although we feel angry with our circumstances and wish we could have been born into more sane families or societies, we are not victims. Again, we chose to come to the planet at this time under these circumstances. So remembering that is half the battle.

People with dominant indigo (or pure indigo in some cases), might have learning disabilities or what society perceives as physical or mental disabilities to overcome such as autism, dyslexia, ADHD or other disorders. However, those are not disabilities but rehab- abilities for without those “disorders” we would forget our life mission. And those things that don’t kill us do make us stronger and give us leadership abilities. When we transcend labels placed on us by other people who define themselves as “normal” even with sexual identities, we shift energy on the planet that propels us forward into an age of greater tolerance and peace. As we enter the dawn of the Aquarius Age, we stop defining ourselves by our differences and see equality among diverse people instead of everyone conforming to a set of ideals.

So take heart and love your differences. Other people might not love you for your differences, but that’s their problem. You’re not alone. I would guess there are currently millions of people with indigo auras on the planet. We all came here with a mission, but first we must step away from self-pity, self-recrimination, and love ourselves totally and completely. The planet is shifting. The old status quo won’t suffice. We require new ways of being on Earth so find other indigo aura people to share in the healing process. I repeat, you’re not alone. And you are loved across the Universe. Angelic beings and other spirit guides surround and guide you always. You are powerful so reclaim your power and wield it wisely.

Famous Indigo people: Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Claire of Assisi, Albert Einstein, Saint Anthony of Padua (most saints), Saint Mother Theresa, your average humanitarian, and probably your next door neighbor.

Best not to call attention to yourself and instead align with your planetary mission.

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