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While some children have delved into dance, music, and athletic training during their pubescent or teen years, most children perform better when they begin training at a much earlier age. However, what I’ve seen happening is parents using a patchwork approach to discovering their children’s talents and passions. The problem with this trial and error approach is that a child gets burned out quickly and loses the ability to concentrate on any particular discipline. This is where Pediatric Astrology can help.

When Pediatric Astrologers gaze at a child’s chart looking for talents, we look for strong placement of planets in the 2nd House of talents and resources, as well as, the 5th House for performing arts skills, and we could look for latent talents in the 12th House which is the Pisces House representing dance, music, movie-making, photography and spiritual gifts. We also look at the 6th House of health and daily routine.

The Zodiac placement of the planets (especially the personal planets) in a chart also reveal the type of lifestyle, skills, talents, and passions that a child has. For instance, a child with several planets or Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Leo (or even the polar opposite Aquarius) possess talents in the performing arts or aspire to being on stage or the center of attention. But this could also lead to public speaking, radio (if Gemini or Virgo are heavy in the chart), storytelling, working as clowns or even teaching if Jupiter or Saturn fall in Leo. But of course, we’re looking at a child’s chart and teaching is something we do later in life.

Astrologers look for configurations such as Yods (talents bloom later in life and are a type of synthesis of previous training and experiences), T-Crosses and Grand Crosses (which cause a child to work harder and overcome more obstacles) and Grand Trines which supply the talent but not the drive. A combination of a T-Cross and Grand Trine work well together. One provides the talent and the other the motivation to overcome obstacles.

However, let’s get back to why Pediatric Astrology is a crucial tool for pointing children in the right direction to developing their gifts and talents at an early age. Sadly, the way most parents handle this situation involves enrolling their children in too many activities. The children are not able to focus on any one area or to develop in a strong way. It’s true children are influenced by their peers and want to try what the other kids are doing, but we already have too much scattered energy in the world as it is, with too much multi-tasking, too many parents acting as their children’s chauffers and not spending enough quality time with their children in a fun and joyful way.

Instead of creating generations of dabblers, it’s best to find two or three extracurricular activities at best. So what if your child isn’t “well-rounded”. With the exception of a renaissance child (someone who does have talents in science/math, athletics, and the arts), most children are gifted in one particular area such as dance, music, science, sports, or just overall creative. And so a Pediatric Astrology chart reading reveals those talents early on along with the child’s temperaments, shadows, and areas that require work.

I’m going to end this article with a story of a dear friend. When she was young girl she wanted to become a professional ballet dancer so she began taking ballet lessons in elementary school. However, she grew up in a small town the first teacher she took lessons with, lacked the training to teach ballet for a professional level. By the time, a new teacher came along, my friend was already 13 years of age and told that she lacked the training to become a professional ballet dancer and was too old to learn how to do toe and other requirements correctly. So that dream was crushed.

And in a situation like the one my friend experienced, a Pediatric Astrologer could work with the parent and child as far as exploring other areas of interests and talents or take the skills learned in ballet training into another arena or transferring it to another dance genre. My own story revolved around wanting to become a professional musician, but I suffered from dyslexia when it came to reading music and I flunked the audition to get into the high school band. A Pediatric Astrology would have shown me other ways to apply my musical gifts which unfortunately, took me decades to discover with years of bitterness sandwiched in between.

Pediatric Astrology acts as a shortcut to discovering talents, motivation, and other personality traits required for successful endeavors that begin at an early age. Any child is precocious in some area of their life and no child is a loser. They all have gifts they bring to the world, but some children develop more slowly than others. Albert Einstein’s teachers thought he was an idiot and boy, were they wrong. Pediatric Astrology is a tool that benefits children and parents. It takes out all the guesswork and leads to clear paths of destiny.

Sign up for a Pediatric Astrology reading at Whole Astrology and learn about your child’s learning, thinking, and communication styles; hidden talents, healthiest home environment and best parenting style for raising your child.

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