Intuitive Coaching 101: Love Spells vs. Self-Love

Photo by Patricia Herlevi, All Rights Reserved

Sometimes when I’m cruising on YouTube watching metaphysical and spiritual videos, I see videos listed for love spells.  I guess it’s not odd that love spells would end up on the internet since everything else has.  The problem with love spells is that they come from a place of lack.  I also find love spells manipulative unless they’re created for the highest good of all concerned.

And yet, lack rears its ugly head.  The best way to attract love comes with loving and honoring one self.  Of course, the path to self-love involves more effort than purchasing a love spell from someone in the know. However, self-love attracts partners to us, the way the way fragrances of flowers attract bees to suck their sweet nectar.  Confident people who set appropriate boundaries, honor their time and their worth light up the world.  People flock to them.  It’s as if we walk into a dark room and see a bright light in the corner and we move towards it where we find warmth and clarity.

People who have put in the effort and learned how to truly love themselves don’t act like victims. They don’t suck other people dry. They don’t manipulate, control or steal energy.  They received their energy from a Divine Source that flows constantly through them.  They’ve done their inner work, know who they are and their life purpose. They have a good understanding, even wisdom of the type of people they prefer in their lives.  And this usually includes other people who have learned how to love themselves and stand in their own light.

On N. State Street photo by Patricia Herlevi

As mentioned earlier, the path to self-love takes effort and no one reaches that goal overnight.  In fact, self-love is a journey with different layers to discover along the way.  First, we clear away old beliefs, patterns and thoughts that rob us of our inner light.  This could take months or years involving meditation, reading self-help books and taking workshops.  We could also take the quicker route and go to coaches and energy healers who help us remove those blocks.  We could use Emotional Freedom Technique or any number of clearing modalities.

Second, we develop new beliefs around self-worth and valuing.  This involves saying affirmations and continuing the clearing work. We watch our words and our thoughts as far as how they affect us and how others perceive us. Do we come across as desperate, needy or lacking? Do others perceive us as psychic vampires or self-actualized beings? Do we use others to reach our goals?

I am an intuitive coach and astrologer in Washington State.  Sign up for a reading at Whole Astrology.

Let’s explore the practice of self-love and transform your life.

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