Intuitive Coaching 101–What is Mindfulness?


So often people tell us to be or act mindful, but what does this mean? Mindfulness differs from person to person. And yet, mindfulness really tells us to stay in this moment or to do the task that is currently in front of us. And mindfulness teaches us how to communicate from the heart so then, why don’t we call it heartfulness instead?

Like most people, I have had to work at becoming more mindful. On some days I do quite well, starting my day with a invigorating meditation, followed by spiritual chants or kirtans, then perhaps if I have time, I toss in yoga poses and visualizations. But then the real day begins and my to-do list and projecting into the future replace mindfulness and I feel that I’m losing my mind completely.

At least I know when I’m veering off course, sometimes careening into a mind block. Spiritual teachers have taught me to gently bring myself back to center, but gentleness is a quality I’m still working out. I believe that it’s easier for a mellow person rather than a type AA to practice mindfulness, but if I can do it, anyone can. I assure you. It doesn’t help to chastise or punish ourselves every time we project into the future, get lost in the past, or treat someone with rudeness as we go about clearing the items on the to-do list.

Mindfulness looks like letting someone cut in line. Mindfulness looks like listening instead of doing all the talking. Mindfulness looks like spending time in the garden and paying attention to the rays of the sun radiating on our skin or birds singing in the elm or oak. Mindfulness is tapping into the energies of the plants and trees such as listening to the breeze rustling the leaves. Mindfulness comes when we stroll around the neighborhood at night and try to find Orion glittering in the blackened sky. Mindfulness is eating food slowly, showing appreciation for every bite and actually tasting the nuances. Mindfulness is telling a person that you love him or her and truly meaning your words.

When I walk in the woods I listen to the various sounds that make up Gaia’s symphony. With mindfulness I choose to dance to my favorite songs and allowing my body to move in its own way while deeply connecting with the musicians bringing me the gift of song. With mindfulness my poetry muse comes out to play word games and it feels like tea with a good friend. With mindfulness I sit still and hear the voice of God talking directly to me and telling me my next move. And some people would say I’m conversing with my own mind, so be it, I enjoy the wisdom.

Last but not least, mindfulness is a practice that anyone can achieve. It’s not lost in the realm of Buddhism and Eastern philosophy, but right here in the home and the community. We choose mindfulness and it never chooses us. And when we choose to be mindful, a whole new and vibrant world opens up to us where we finally experience peace, no matter what chaos swirls around us.

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