Intuitive Coaching 101: Disappointment from Not Tuning into Your Soul

photo by Patricia Herlevi, All Rights Reserved

Often times events or people let us down. But I ask, why did we give our power away in the first place? We all do that. A good example is when people put all their energy into endorsing a particular political candidate. And treating this person like a savior. Then when the candidate reveals his or her human side, people are left holding an empty bag. Or they suffer from a broken heart.

They ask, “How could you have betrayed me?” Only no one can betray us unless we betray ourselves. So let’s stop giving our power away. Tune into your heart. Do as Sonia Choquette advises and place your hand over your heart and ask your soul what it desires. Each of us has internal guidance. Just like all the creatures around us who follow a cycle of a day or a season, and know what to do when, so do we. We all have an inner compass or inner guides who speak to us constantly.

The ego lies to us and tells us we are all alone. The ego tells us that no one loves us, but the eternal truth is that God sends unconditional love. What does that mean, unconditional love? It means love without conditions. It means that sin is the biggest lie because sin means in Latin to do without. And to sin would imply that we have turned away from the Universal force we call God or any other name you choose. It’s the force within and around us at all times.

Our egos tell us we’re alone. Our egos tell us there is no love for us. But this is not the truth. Love is in the wind that caresses us and the waves that greet our feet when we dip into the ocean. The stars twinkling in the night sky pulsate love to us. The birds sing love songs to our thirsty ears. It’s all there if we stop allowing distractions to enter our lives and pay attention.

Wise people preach mindfulness. And we wonder what that means. We analyze mindfulness and then write reams on the topic. But is that an act of mindfulness? Must we contemplate presence of mind or can we just be present? As I channel these words and feel my fingers caressing the keyboard, I feel unconditional love flowing through me. That’s love without conditions. That is God telling me, telling us, we’re good enough as we were originally created in an act of love, no matter the circumstances. We are good enough. How could it be otherwise?

So release the anxiety. Let go of the stress and breathe deeply into this moment. Now, you get a sense of peace and that peace leads to love which leads to joy which leads to ecstasy. Dance to your own song. Sing a silly song or laugh because you get the cosmic joke. There is no sin and there is no savior unless that savior is you.

We don’t require to teach others or to even heal others. Everyone has a life force and the capability to heal themselves. Focus upon your own soul. Yes, breathe and focus on your own path. Let others off the hook. Stop trying to save them. This is a distraction, by the way. Save yourself that is if you believe you need saving. You probably don’t. You know that you are loved unconditionally by these words. Can you feel it? Forgive, and release the illusions that plague you. There is only LOVE here. Only Love. That’s all.

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I'm a former Washingtonian from Washington State, not Washington DC. I currently reside in Pennsylvania, even though my dream was to live and work in Vermont.

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