Intuitive Coaching 101–Wisdom Round up for July 2016

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Synchronicity is the thread that ties us all together into the cosmic collective.

Synchronicity has played a huge role this summer for me. When I ask a question, the answer pops up for me on a blog or a YouTube video. So I’m going to share some of the wisdom gems that have popped up in my life. Since I believe we are soul-tribal you might be asking the same questions and I might be a link in the chain of synchronicity playing out in your life. As always use discernment.

I have been suffering from health issues, mainly with digestion, depression or anxiety at the end of a day (when I started out in a joyful place at dawn), and painful leg cramps. When I was watching oracle card readers on YouTube, several of them mentioned that Archangel Raphael would be working with us in regard to health issues. Little known to me that Raphael uses the internet to get our attention, at least he got my attention that way. Note you might think of Raphael as female which is fine.

So I’m on YouTube and Danielle Agnew, an energy therapist gives a presentation on gemstones and Epsom salt to wash away or protect ourselves from psychic debris floating around. With the current planetary transits, collectively we are all experiencing confusion, loss, and fear of change. Some people act this fear out more dramatically than others, but we’re all picking up vibrations from this sour cosmic soup. Those of you who glue your ear to the radio or eyes to the television or computer screen absorbing the daily or weekly news could use Agnew’s wonderful advice.

She recommends three gemstones to wear next to the Heart Chakra which include: Black Tourmaline, Hematite, and Rose Quartz. In addition, my counselor gave me an exercise for staying in my body since I felt like I was floating off in different directions every time I was around other people or at certain locations. And Agnew reminds us to take Epsom salt baths since the salts absorb the lower vibrations and cleanse us of them.

Incidentally, when I looked up the healing properties of Black Tourmaline, it heals depression, and removes doubts, worries, and helps with anxiety. Just what the doctor ordered.

And speaking of Epsom salt, Dr. Caroline Dean, an expert researcher and medical doctor who specializes in magnesium deficiency, recommends Epsom salt baths too. In a radio interview I found on YouTube, Dr. Dean said to filter in clay into the bathwater to absorb chlorine and fluoride which interferes with absorption of the Epsom salt. She also mentioned taking ionic magnesium since our bodies do not absorb chelated or citrate magnesium well. And Dr. Dean tells us that 80 percent of humans are magnesium deficient. This leads to a variety of medical conditions and symptoms such as migraines, cramping, insomnia, muscle tension and even depression.

When I read my local food coops magazine, I noticed that ionic magnesium was on sale so I bought a bottle of the minerals. And the magnesium and purified water has come up in several conversations in the past week, leading me to take better care of my physical and mental bodies.

The next question I had was in regard to background music (usually pop or rock) that we hear at natural grocery stores. Since Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research had proven that water crystals absorb and respond to sound vibrations including words, and most food contains water, how is this loud music tainting our organic produce?

As soon as I asked the question on social media, I found a magazine (promotional for a supplement line) that had an article on Michael Tyrrell, a musician who works with whole tones and sound vibrations mindfully.  The article that appeared in Jordan Rubin’s new magazine Get Real focuses on how this whole tone music enhances the wholeness of sprouted foods when the foods are exposed to the music. So someone is on the right page as me in regard to sound vibration and food.

This includes my wisdom round-up for this month. I don’t know if this will be a regular series or a one-time post. However, I ask you to pay attention to messages coming to you and stay mindful of the questions you send out to the Universe. Our Spirit Guides use whatever medium they think is best to reach us. It makes sense that they would reach us through our computers or at places where we frequent.

Here are some links: Get Real Danielle Agnew and Dr. Carolyn Dean

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