Intuitive Coaching 101–When You Feel You Must Hide Your Light

Photo by Patricia Herlevi

For most of my life I have felt different spiritually. I have felt different all the way around and I was ecstatic when I met people who spoke with trees, chanted to animals, and experienced the consciousness that exist in the natural (and non-natural) world. But often I meet people who pretend to go along with my beliefs even though deep down they practice subterfuge.

Now, the good news of that is I commit more deeply to my beliefs and spiritual practices. I recall past lives where my convictions and commitments led me to the stakes. And I know some of you reading this experienced similar forms of torment and persecution for having beliefs outside of mainstream thinking (brainwashing).

The bad news is when other people pretend to go along with our particular program while silently or not so silently derailing our practices, we shut down. And when we shut down we squelch our light and hold back our love from unleashing upon the world. And I currently find myself in such a situation. Not only that, my sensitivities are scoffed at and I’m told that it’s all in my mind. Well, yes, it is in my mind but my mind creates my reality.

When this happens we at least seek out like-minded and like-hearted people where we feel safe to express our inner longings and share our inner guidance. Perhaps the rest of the world isn’t ready for our ascension practices. All we can do is find company and solace within our soul tribe. Perhaps it is not our job to save the others and they don’t want that from us anyway. Well, doesn’t knowing that help us to release this burden?

So my advice is to go out there and find your soul tribe. Find a safe place to practice your brand of spirituality whether that’s singing under the stars, seeking out sacred sites or meditating with non-humans. If you want to hug trees go for it, just don’t invite the lumberjack types unless you want to experience persecution.

And remember the mantras, “It’s safe to be me in the world,” and “I am safe in the world.” And yes, you are if you use discernment and stop sharing your inner most self with people who don’t get you. I get you and you’re always safe visiting this blog.

I am a metaphysical coach who uses astrology and other spiritual tools to assist you on your path to personal empowerment. Sign up for a session or reading at Whole Astrology.


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