Intuitive Coaching 101–The Resonance Diet–Food & Frequencies

dscn0922As each of us moves up the vibration dial and explores new frequencies, our tastes for foods changes. We may find that we can no longer tolerate a restrictive vegan diet and add free-range meats sparingly to our diet. Or we might find that we want to live more lightly and opt for the vegan diet.

Personally, I don’t follow any dietary trends even if I flirt a bit with them. I listen to my body’s wisdom and do my best not to judge my current food preferences. I also find that I’m more of a loner when it comes to food as in dining with others is not something I enjoy, even though many experts tout the benefits of eating in the community of others.

Like others I have spoken to, I find potlucks and gatherings with food uncomfortable. I get tired of explaining why I no longer partake in certain foods and beverages. As a teacher, I’ve been ahead of the curve in that my body began resonating to higher frequencies around 2001. By 2010, I gave up eating gluten-containing foods, and soon after that, I eliminated cow dairy products from my diet. I’ve never been on board with GMO foods, finding them frightening at best.

Yet, it’s an ancient practice to break bread with others and to share feasts. I get that. I’m just no longer on that page as my soul is taking me elsewhere on the frequency scale. Just like I’m careful about the music or sound vibrations I expose myself, it’s the same for food frequencies I ingest or take into my body. Just the thought of how long food stays and decays in the digestive tract alone keeps me from consuming many food types.


I don’t enjoy eating animal products in general as I have a hard time explaining to myself why an animal had to die to feed my body. However, this is my perception and perspective which doesn’t take into account cultures that actually give reverance to other creatures and have a different worldview than I do.

It’s not a case of my way or the highway and I’m done preaching outside of the choir in regard to food. Though I will say source the best possible version of whatever it is you do eat. Food raised cruely contains the lowest vibrations (greed and violence), and when you consume those foods, you also consume the those nasty vibes, unless you are a powerful shaman who shifts the energy.

So where do frequencies come into play? All food contains a or many frequencies depending on the number of ingredients, as well as, how those ingredients were raised, harvested, processed, and handled along the way to your plate. The plate and utensils have frequencies too. Your body is a vessel for frequencies to enter and then flow back out to the world. Illness or disease are caused by lower frequencies some how entering the body. These frequencies come from the daily environment, interactions with other people, sound frequencies (as in noise), and food. Even the air we breathe and water we drink contain frequencies.

Lower frequencies lead to suffering and pain. Lower frequencies lead to war and strife. Lower frequencies create disease in the body and tensions in the form of migraines. Lower frequencies leave us feeling dizzy, disoriented, and out of sync with the world. And lower frequenies keep us stuck in the Matrix, which we also refer to as 3-D reality.

So when we crave and consume lower frequency foods (ie processed foods, sugars, caffeine, alcohol, conventionally raised animal products, and conventionally raised produce and grains), we stay on the lower end of the frequency dial. Even if we pray, meditate, practice yoga, and sit in the woods for an hour every day, low frequency foods will still lower our frequency. Obviously, they aren’t optimal for our well-being.

However, my point here isn’t to create more food phobias (we actually have enough of those in the world). My point is to remind each of us to listen to our body’s wisdom. Our bodies know which foods are right for us at this time. These aren’t the foods we crave with our ego or to fit in with everyone else. These are foods that feel fresh to us and inspire us. So at one point, we might crave organic brocoli and salmon in huge amounts. Eat those foods until another inspiration comes along or until you tire of those foods.

Some people start a garden at this point and decide to get closer to the earth. Some poeple experience the magic of the natural world by growing produce or raising chickens for eggs. And don’t fear losing tastes for foods that are supposed to be good for us, such as rice, beans, or soy, for instance. Our bodies are all unique and require certain chemicals to function at optimum health. So if you have a week where you find yourself consuming larger amounts of almonds and dark chocolate, don’t beat yourself up. Your body is craving magnesium.

And you might choose to eat seasonal foods. So maybe you go with raw foods during the warmer months or if you live in a warmer climate. But in the colder times, you enjoy a pot of soup with root vegetables or perhaps you enjoy a sugar-free piece of pumpkin pie. The goods news is that if you live in an urban environment or have friends who grow their own foods, you have a myriad of new food choices. As each of us raise our frequencies, we attract better food choices. But first we have to turn within and ask our bodies, “What do you want to dine on today?”

And whatever you do, don’t get caught up in lack mentality. Tell yourself you can have the foods your body requires. The Universe finds ways to deliver just what you need at the time you need it. I have experienced this to be true in my own life and I have lived in poverty for most of my adult life. We each have the power to manifest so use that power wisely.

I give intuitive coaching sessions and astrology readings. Find out more at Whole Astrology. I would love to hear and connect with you as we are on this journey together.

Photos by Patricia Herlevi


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