Intuitive Coaching 101–Affirmations Work if…

DSCN3095I go back and forth with the practice of saying affirmations. On one hand, I don’t believe glossing over darker emotions since they point us to destructive patterns working our subconscious. However, the real practice of saying affirmations brings up the darkness so we shed light upon it.

However, if affirmations are not bringing the results you desire, then stay alert to the following destructive behaviors. In the documentary about Louise Hay’s classic, You Can Heal Your Life book, Louise reminds us that it’s not enough to say one or two affirmations then go about complaining throughout the day. Well, she phrases that a bit differently, but you get the point.

If you say affirmations and then…

  • Listen to songs with negative lyrics
  • Speak in profanities (lowest vibration for words)
  • Complain
  • Judge
  • Watch the news
  • Or say mantras that begin with “I can’t because…”

…you have negated the power of the affirmations you proclaimed earlier. Yet, don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon of good intentions. We all fall prey to the negative energies floating around the planet–often times disguised as progressive politically-correct practices. For instance, I hear a lot of people saying that they have to watch the news because it’s their civic duty. Says who, your middle school civic studies teacher?

Okay, we’ll let those old school teachers off the hook because no one was familiar with the Law of Attraction yet with the exception of metaphysical scholars and teachers. And no one was telling us to practice affirmations back when I was coming of age with the exception of some baby boomers who studied at Esalen Institute or hung out in Findhorn.

So to counteract all the negative garbage, including M Fields, say a set of affirmations several times a day. Remember to say them in present tense and in the positive. So instead of saying, I am not scared, say I am courageous or I am conquering my fears. Always repeat each affirmation three times. I’m not sure why we repeat them three times, but they seem to work better in bundles of three.

If you are unable to write your own affirmations then purchase a deck of affirmation cards. Or if that’s not affordable then get some sticky notes and find affirmations in new age library books, then post the sticky notes throughout your home. Post them on the fridge, post them on the kitchen table, posts them near your computer or keep them in your wallet, especially the affirmations having to do with financial abundance.

I highly recommend purchasing or at least borrowing Louise Hay books from the library and I highly recommend jump-starting your practice by watching the Hay House documentary, You Can Heal Your Life. (BTW, Whole Astrology is a Hay House affiliate website so if you click on the affiliate ads on the blog then make a purchase with Hay House, you also donate to my blog).

So, get started today with the practice of saying affirmations. And start by looking in the mirror and saying, “I love you, I really, really love you.” Add your name at the beginning of the affirmation. This will feel fake and uncomfortable at first but do it anyway.

You will get more comfortable with the practice and when your dark stuff comes up in the form of doubts, sarcasm, worries, anxiety, or feeling like you’re not good enough, journal about these dark thoughts then release all of it. Thus is the magic contained in affirmations. They truly are healing when done properly and mindfully.

Sign up for an intuitive coaching session and learn about your soul path. You can sign up at Whole Astrology or e-mail me at wholemusicexp at gmail dot com I also give astrology and oracle card readings.

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