Intuitive Coaching 101:Victims, Predators & Rescuers


Even though I prefer to stay away from darker themes, this one is coming up strong for me. I experienced an epiphany about how acting like a victim attracts predators. And I hear some of you rolling your eyes at me because this should be obvious, right?

So let me back up a bit. Most of this happens in our subconscious. Some people don’t even know that they are acting like a victim. It’s so ingrained in society that we take the victim and the predator for granted. It makes for exciting news stories and it makes for good drama that ends up in movies and literature. Just look at the popularity of thrillers and mysteries. Look at rants on social media defending victims and shaming the predator. But here’s the thing, it’s an energy game. It’s not about good and bad people, but about deep wounds. Even blaming the victim does not consider the wounding that is at the root.

I thought that I was spiritually astute. Actually, I do think that I’m spiritually wise but this does not create immunity against tough spiritual or life lessons. I’m in the trenches like everyone else and sometimes playing a dramatic role. When I lived between homes twice I focused on people helping or rescuing me. So I attracted situations where the rescuer was a predator of one kind or another. Not all the people who gave me a lift up were predators and certainly not murderer types, but energy-suckers nonetheless.

My Spirit Guides woke me up early this morning to explain to me how this works. They said that desperate people attract either desperate people or genuine rescuers. But then it kind of depends on the vibes we put out. For instance, if we constantly feel helpless and doubt we have any courage or strength and if we tug on other people’s energy through the use of guilt or shame, then we attract the predator or a predator in disguise as a rescuer. And believe me when I tell you that there are many narcissists and sociopaths that rely on helpless people as their next victims. When you are strong and secure, narcissists look elsewhere for prey.

Many years ago, when I still lived in Seattle, I enrolled in a retraining program. One of the college classes was at night and this was in the rainy and sometimes snowy winter months. My main fear was that if I took the bus, some creep would attack me. So I asked around with my classmates to see if anyone would carpool with me. Well, one guy who seemed a bit too helpful and smarmy, offered me a ride. Eventually, this one ride and some other help this guy gave me, turned into a nightmare. He harassed me. Showed up on my doorstep with his laptop to hack my computer. He hacked the computers of the other students in our class and even the instructor. He followed me all over campus, and eventually town.

The man was deeply wounded by a divorce and required validation from the outside to tell him that he was a good guy. But he was sick in the head and had some kind of personality disorder (not sure which one), but there was one psychotic episode where he tried to crash into the car in front of him. So what I’m saying is that we must heal our tendency to fall into the victim trap. Nearly, every time I did after dealing with that man, I have encountered narcissists and other dangerous people. But I have also attracted people who really would give me a leg up with no strings attached. The challenge is knowing the difference.


Here is how you can tell:

If the person keeps telling you how nice, honest, or good they are, then run. This person is looking for validation from the outside and therefore will suck you dry, eventually. Keep reaching out to others for help.

If the person sees you as a ranting buddy, also run. Sometimes soul suckers use commiserating as a lure and then all they do is rant. If you try to excuse yourself they remind you how they helped you. And they think you should compensate them by allowing them to suck you dry with their drama. Run.

Next up, we have the fake philanthropist. This person takes advantage of your impoverished situation. They don’t give you a leg up by networking your talents and skills. They don’t even notice your talents and skills. They come across as a benefactor Santa Claus (oh, look how lucky you were to meet me).

And it’s all about them and not you. They take you out to dinner. They buy you groceries. They offer money to get you out of a bind and you think that you have met your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy, but then the other foot lands because now you feel in debt to them. That’s when they begin to control and manipulate you. That’s when the situation becomes co-dependent and you feel queasy around this person. If you feel queasy around anyone they are sending out bad juju. They might not even realize it, but that’s not your problem. Run.

So if you find yourself in a bind what can you do to attract genuine help?

Pray for an answer. Have others such as a prayer group pray with and for you. I have seen miracles happen from group prayers.

Pray for others because what goes around, comes around.

Refrain from ranting because this low vibration attracts low vibration people.

Meditate and call on your inner wisdom, strength, and courage. Ask for the next best step and then take it. (I had to do this many times).

Get energy healing or join a free call with John Newton, Health Beyond Belief.

Visualize the outcome you desire to manifest and believe in all your heart that you can and will manifest it.

Shield yourself with light and call on Archangels and Ascended Masters or your Totem Animals for protection and guidance.

Then when you are in a high-flying place, and someone shows up with a response to your energy work and prayers, there is a good chance that the help comes without strings attached to it.

And it never hurts to swallow your pride and ask family and friends for help. They are your safest bet in most cases.

I hope this information is helpful. Someone out there needs to hear this.

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