Intuitive Coaching 101–10 Reasons Why We Can’t Change Other People’s Diets

Photo by Patricia Herlevi

We read about the latest food trend. Or we come upon information about a particular vegetable that could heal a friend or family member. And we stop whatever we’re doing and contact that person with well-meaning advice that unfortunately falls on deaf ears.

And this leaves us feeling baffled because we changed our diets and experienced more vigor and vitality. And we think that by changing a loved one’s diet they’ll stop complaining about their health problems and we can experience peace. The problem with that scenario is that peace comes from within and not striving in the outer world. Striving to improve another person’s diet never works and here’s why.

  1. Many common foods such as sugar, milk, and wheat highjack the brain. They create euphoria and release feel-good chemicals in the brain. People feel high when they ingest this food and develop an addiction, which is hard to break.
  2. The media is a more powerful messenger than a well-meaning friend or family member. And if your loved ones spend many hours in front of a television screen or reading mainstream publications, they’re going to choose the glossy ads over anything you have to say.
  3. People like to take the easy way out and do what they’ve always done. So if several generations got their food from Safeway or another mainstream grocery store, then most likely, these people will not change their habits until a crisis.
  4. The foods you find healthy resemble cardboard to people on a mainstream diet.
  5. People are stubborn and willful when it comes to defending what they choose to consume. They might even agree with you, but rebel against your intentions.
  6. No one likes being told what to do, especially if they grew up with bossy parents.
  7. People believe their experts and think you’re making stuff up.
  8. Some people eat out of nostalgia. They continue to eat the same toxic foods they ate as a child, even if they develop cancer or diabetes.
  9. They feel that they can’t afford to buy healthier food choices because they don’t know the difference between high-qualities superfoods and toxic food stuff.
  10. They simply don’t care about their health and believe that the toxic foods they consume bring them happiness.
Photo by Patricia Herlevi

So then, what is the solution? Forget about what other people are eating and stop preaching food-related sermons. Find like-minded people to share your meals and to befriend. At least you’ll feel better dining with people who get a healthy diet and understand nutrition basics.

Diet to some people is what politics and religion are to others. Food, emotions, and nourishment are all tied into the moon and the Zodiac Sign Cancer. And don’t ever expect to get a Cancerian or Taurus person to change their diets! People are emotionally attached to the foods or non-foods that they consume.

Focus on your own health and well-being. Oddly, when you stop stressing out over other people’s food choices, your health improves. And with improved health plus your healthy diet, you bounce through life leaving others to wonder. When they ask where you get your vibrancy and youthful looks, tell them you eat a superfoods diet. When they get desperate enough, they’ll start asking you for nutritional advice and that’s your cue to share your wisdom with them.

In the meantime, go enjoy your superfood smoothie and raw chocolate torte.

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Happy Holidays!

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