Intuitive Coaching 101–Calm after a Storm

DSCN6337.JPGToday while I was on the bus, I noticed that another person was feeling miserable from a cold. And perhaps, some of that misery was my projection from fighting off a cold. I found myself talking about fresh air after a storm or that energetic feeling that happens after recovering from a cold or the flu.

Lately, we have experienced one storm after another. We survived high winds blowing through followed by a few days of snow and then more rain. But I will say that I enjoy gulping the fresh air after a storm passes through. And after I recover from a cold, I enjoy the sense of bounding back with a cleaner body.

Viruses and storms actually clear away toxins. I know many people who also enjoy opening the windows in their homes and allowing the wind to blow through after or even during a storm. This might seem counterintuitive to some folks. But changing the ions in the air unclutters out thoughts. And if you do this for 10 to 15 minutes, it’s not going to hike up your heating bill.

With Jupiter in Libra until October of 2017, this is a good time to strike a balance or turn our thoughts upside down so that we gain a new perspective.And what would happen if we looked at viruses as a time out? What if we used this time to get more rest, replenish our bodies with healthy liquids, and wholesome foods?

Oh, I know, as I sit here sneezing and coughing while chills run up and down my body, I get that this is a miserable experience.But I also know that my body is telling me that I would not have ended up in bed with a cold has I drank enough liquids, stayed away from sugar, and got outside and breathed fresh air instead of chaining myself to deadlines and my laptop.

I interviewed a herbalist in recent months who claimed that catching a virus is optional. She recommended getting enough sleep and living a balanced lifestyle, which most of us don’t do. And other people aren’t responsible for us catching their cold or flu. We are responsible because we allowed our immunity to run down and our stress levels to increase to inhumane levels.

I believe that our bodies fight back when we throw them out of balance. And often times, we live in our minds and don’t even consider our bodies. We push ourselves to do the impossible and we can’t or won’t accept help from others. I know I fall prey to these behaviors. And our bodies definitely let us know when they are off balance. And it doesn’t matter how much money we pump into our bodies in the way of natural foods and remedies.

And then, there is another way of looking at these scenarios and that is to enjoy the calm after the storm. Imagine the sun coming out and shining its light on the dripping tree branches. And imagine the chatter of birds as they come out of hiding and find an abundance food source floating in puddles or worms popping out of the soaked earth. Imagine that cold abating and your energy rebounding. It feels like soaking in a bath and watching all the dirt, including psychic debris going down the drain.

Storms come in many forms. They always pass eventually. And it’s best not to get caught up in drama and wait it out with the patience of a mule. Be like the animals who seek higher ground or tuck themselves away in the hedges. Stay calm and that calm multiplies when it returns to you. Although storms are not peaceful, peace often follows and the constrast between the storm and the peace allows us to feel complete.

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