Intuitive Coaching 101: What’s Really Happening, man?


1119This morning I woke up remembering the Louis Malle’s movie, My Dinner with Andre. For those of you who never watched this classic art house film, it focuses on a man’s spiritual awakening. Andre shows up at a diner wild-eyed and reborn from a spiritual encounter he experienced in Europe. His friend who meets him for dinner is enthralled to reunite with his friend, but confused and disoriented by the messages Andre reveals to him.

Now, the reason I’m mentioning this movie is because many of you are experiencing spiritual downloads and epiphanies. And you didn’t even hang out with a group of spiritualists in some remote part of Eastern Europe. You didn’t travel to South America and drink magic mushrooms on a shamanic quest. And some of you would even say that you didn’t ask for the transformation.

Only you did ask. Or I should say, that your soul requested to come on board a Grand Shift long before your birth onto this planet. And if you’re looking around at this world with a wild-eyed expression that borders on insanity (remember Jimmy Stewart frothing at the bit and shouting, “Zuzu’s petals!” in It’s a Wonderful Life)? Well, that’s you at the moment as viewed by your practical and down-to-earth friends.


So, what do you do when no one around you understands you anymore? What do you do when your spouse suddenly wants to divorce you and your kids act like you caught a plague. “Oh, please don’t bring that around my friends, Mom.” What do you do when you feel like a hippie dropping out of society or like you dropped acid when in reality, all you did was lay your head down on a pillow after a long day?

Do what the character Andre did. Accept the transformation that has come your way and see it as the blessing that it is. Express gratitude that you are discovering your authentic self and that the question you kept asking, “Why am I here?” has received a response. So often we pray for help or clarity then when it shows up, we dismiss it or try to hide from our truth.

Join a spiritual group online. Learn about the ascension process which at some point happens to everyone. Go to the library and check out spiritual books. Find a spiritual teacher or group in your community. For some of you shy folks, this feels challenging. But muster up your courage and go for it. What do you have to lose but your monkey mind? And the Year of the Monkey ends pretty soon anyway.

If anything, go watch Louis Malle’s My Dinner with Andre. Then that will spark an interest in similar movies. And don’t expect to walk wild-eyed into a diner and be embraced by the average person–at least not at first. While the narrator of Malle’s film rallies against his friend’s transformation (fearing insanity), he eventually reaches the point where he would at least consider another perspective. And anyway, it’s a great movie so watch it.

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