Intuitive Coaching 101–Art of Alignment

fscn3850We know when we are in alignment because everything flows to us. Life is easy street. And it’s okay that we are not always in alignment. Life throws curveballs at us and sometimes, we fall down. The key to getting back into alignment is to find the next best feeling thought.

Now, this is something I forget to practice when I’m in the throes of powerful emotions. But take, for instance, someone slighting you on social media or in person. Our first reaction is to lash out at that person. But this throws us out of alignment with the Source. What can you do when someone alarms your ego to go to battle?

First, allow your body to feel and process the emotion. And while you do this, don’t judge your thoughts or feelings. There are times when using profanity helps us to feel the anger and allow it to burn through us. It eventually dissolves. I don’t like profanity, but it has its uses. Just makes sure that you send out light or sage the area so that your anger doesn’t go out and harm someone.

Second, once you have felt the anger burn through you, reach for a better feeling thought. Some suggestions are, “Well, he has a right to his opinion. And I have a right not to agree with him.” “Maybe he was in a bad mood and took it out on me.” “Since he doesn’t actually know me, then why do I feel slighted or insulted by his remarks?” The one I like best, “He is projecting his shadows on to me. This really is his problem. And I can choose to stand my ground, stand up for myself, and move on.”

The objective is to rise up the emotional scale and not down it. The channel Frank Butterfield once advised me to use anger as an antidote to shame. When people insult us they are bullying and shaming us. And really they are projecting their own shame, guilt, and needs on to others. Think of the people who shame people asking for handouts. Now, if they had no charge towards this type of behavior they could walk past the person asking for handouts with neutral emotions.

dscn5464However, if they feel a charge, they will either give to the person out of guilt or shame the person asking for help. And there is nothing wrong with asking for help when it is genuinely needed. Yes, there are scam artists, but these days there are genuine people who require help given the state of the economy, the cost of rent, the cost of food, etc…It’s best not to lump everyone asking for help into one category.

Another reaction when there is a charge is that the person shames the person asking for help. They say things like you are undeserving of my help. I work hard for my money so why should I give any to you. Or the one many of us have heard, “Go get a job.” Anyone who ever watched the movie Conversations with God will understand that it doesn’t take much to become destitute. Break a leg, lose your health insurance, lose your job, and then lose your home. This could happen to anyone who is not a millionaire and that’s most of us.

So back to the topic of alignment. After you have moved up the emotional scale to a place of compassion or hope, bless the person for the lesson they gave you. Or bless them for helping you to find a sore spot which requires healing. Then visualize what you intend to manifest. After you do that, go out and do something you enjoy. Or listen to a favorite song or go walk the dog, as Frank would suggest.

That my dear is the art of alignment. It sounds easy, but it takes daily practice. If you would like to learn more, sign up for a coaching or astrology session with me. Or sign up at Whole Astrology.

Photography by Patricia Herlevi

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