Intuitive Coaching 101–Confronting the Original Wound

photo by Patricia Herlevi

The message that comes up during my meditation and channeling session revolves around healing the original wound that launched a lifetime of trauma. This wounding could have occurred during birth, in the womb, in a past life, or at any age. The correct term for this is post-trauma or PTSD.

Now, a lot of people (I did this) associate post-trauma with war veterans. However, let’s not confuse combat PTSD with the other kind that most people suffer from. Face it. We live in a violent world. Children often suffer from neglect, abandonment, the sense of abandonment, and abuse.

I know very few people who can say that they did not grow up in a dysfunctional home. And when I meet people in spiritual communities almost of all of them experienced excruciating childhoods. And some experienced healthy childhoods (so they think) but suffered from trauma from relationships, addictions, or they were victims of crimes.

I’m not writing this post as a means to commiserate or to share victim stories. I think it’s time to sleuth those original wounds and heal them once and for all. I experienced a vision this morning when I woke up. Images of the National Guard with tanks rolling into Standing Rock to deal with protestors sparked my vision. My question was why is this cruelty allowed? Why does God allow this suffering to continue? And then the angels spoke with me.

They talked about the microcosm (our individual lives) and the macrocosm (the collective) and the seeds of trauma planted ages ago. The Native American people (and Indigenous people in general) have suffered centuries of wounding from genocide, displacement, and the arrival of alcohol and diseases. And when we combine ancestral wounding with more recent wounding that is part of an individual’s life and part of the collective, we see bullies appearing in the form of terrorizing tanks.

No one deserves this treatment. It’s not anyone’s fault. And please don’t blame the victim. The Native People are correct in that prayer will heal the situation. And John Newton’s ancestral clearing work which revolves around forgiveness prayer could provide profound healing. As would each of us healing our individual wounding. And the angels tell me that each of us has a situation in our lives revolving around either us acting as the bully or someone bullying us. There appears to be as much hatred on the planet as love.

However, how do we move past anger and hatred if that’s what our parents and other authority figures taught us as children? How do we love when our hearts have been shattered by other wounded people? How do we love when we feel so numb to such strong emotions? How do we love when we have messed up our lives to the point where we have hit the bottom of an addiction? Or some people have landed on the street or in prison. How do we heal this? And how can we prevent this darkness from spiraling out of control?

Take heart. Below I’m including links to teachers, coaches, healers, and facilitators who can help you sleuth out your wound. It’s time to heal ourselves. And by healing ourselves, we prevent more Standing Rock type tragedies from occurring. Peace and love truly begin with you.

Ancestral DNA Clearing–John Newton

Lifespan Integration Therapy–(find a therapist near you)

Angel Therapy–Doreen Virtue

Integration Coaching–Lisa A. Romano

Integration Coaching–Meredith Miller

You can add to the list by leaving a comment below. Also, if you would like to combine the power of transformational astrology with integration coaching or DNA cleansing from the people on my list, sign up for a personal astrology-coaching session with me. I include sample charts and reports in the tabs on the top of the blog. Astrology is a wonderful adjunct tool for any type of therapy.

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