Intuitive Coaching 101: R U Highly Sensitive?

DSCN1962.JPGUpon awakening this morning, I felt inspired to write two blog posts on highly sensitive people. The first one focused on astrological signs and sensitivities. The second post focused on healthy housing for highly sensitive people. Since I don’t have time to write two posts I’m combining the concepts in this one post.

I once wondered which signs would suffer the most from sensitivities to their environment and people around them. And now, I know that sensitivity is not sign dependent. Each sign has potential based on its element and quality. For instance, a Gemini which has a Mutable quality and is represented by the Air element would suffer from neurological and lung-related conditions when exposed to air pollution. This includes smoke (fire) and vapor (water) that circulates in air.

Water Signs tend to be sensitive to pollutants that appear in liquid form but can also suffer from vapor, steam which comes from a combination of fire and water. And they can suffer reactions to air-based chemicals that began as liquid such as formaldehyde fumes or other gases that filter into the air. This especially includes anyone with a Pisces Moon, Rising or Sun Sign. Pisces oddly rules smoke, vapor, and fog. And out of the 12 Zodiac Signs, Pisces is the most sensitive to its environment.

Fire Sign people lean toward robust health. They are the least likely to suffer from environmental toxins. However, if a Fire Moon or Sun is not well aspected in a chart, they can run into pollutants that harm the liver (Sagittarius), the brain (Aries) and the heart (Leo). They are more likely to have heavy metals and other chemicals show up in blood tests in large amounts. This is because it takes longer for the bodies of Fire Sign dominant people to breakdown from toxins. When they do find that they are sensitive to chemicals and other pollution, it is late in the process. And they take a robust approach to healing modalities.

Earth Sign individuals also have strong bodies. They tend to overwork those bodies however to get ahead in the world. Super ambitious people are most likely to ignore the signs of ill health. Toxins in the earth itself are culprit and these can also show up in the air and water since the earth is not separate from the atmosphere and it all works together. When Earth Sign people experience a reaction to pollutants it comes in the form of aches, pains, chronic fatigue, headaches and cancer. Earth Signs especially need to stay clear of pesticides and herbicides as well as, heavy metals. They experience health issues in their bodily structures.

Finally, Air Sign people suffer most of air-born pollutants. They tend to experience respiratory and neurological damage. Aquarius rules the circulatory and neurological systems so this is a sensitive sign. Fortunately, they also respond well to rebuilding neuropathways and alternative therapies (many of which Aquarius has invented or inspired).

DSCN1995.JPGNow, I’m getting to the second half of this post which has to do with creating healthy living environments. Face it, many of us rent homes and apartments. With the density model buildings (cram as many people into one building as possible) required in city planning for medium-size and larger cities, sensitive people suffer.

Highly-sensitive people require fresh air, pure water, and a connection to the Earth. They don’t get any of this when they live in a large apartment or condo complex. I am extremely concerned about large student complexes built in Bellingham, Washington. Millennials and post-Millennials are extremely sensitive, whether they admit it or not. The amount of time they already spend on electronic devices is taking a toll. They are sensitive to cell towers, electromagnetic fields that come from microwave ovens, cell phones, and wi-fi that bounces energies off walls.

Highly sensitive people require to have their feet on the ground or to be earthed as some healers practice these days. If they live in a large complex or high off the earth, they must spend time in a park setting where they can remove their shoes and go barefoot. This is impossible during the colder months. They must make sure they’re drinking pure filtered water and going for walks or bike rides to get fresh air. Do not live in a climate control building where windows are shut permanently.

The perfect housing model for sensitive people are tiny and small houses built from natural materials such as industrial hemp, reclaimed wood, or reclaimed natural materials. And these houses are best situated on a land trust with forest and a body of water nearby. They require growing their own food in a community style garden without chemicals. And they require to live among alternative healers, energy healers, and musicians who practice music therapy and sound healing.

Even if this sounds like utopia and even if the experts say this is not a cost-effective community, highly sensitive people must come together and build these communities. In my opinion, building for high-density is like creating more parking lots and wider lanes on roads. It does not solve the problem but through the Law of Attraction creates more opportunities for overpopulation. Remember we get more of what we focus upon. And my focus is on creating livable communities that are in balance with the Earth. And we build a society that doesn’t criminalize sensitive people (chemical exposure can cause violence and aggression when it harms the neurological system).

Our focus therefore needs to be on cleaning toxic chemicals out of our bodies and the earth. And it means we stop creating more toxic chemicals in the form of pharma drugs, cleaning products, clothing, and industrial products. Only greed stands behind polluting this fragile earth and causing illness in us.

If you are highly sensitive and would like creative solutions to cleaning up your daily environment, sign up for a coaching session. You can reach me at patriciacrowherlevi at

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