Intuitive Coaching 101–Why Complaining is Really a Form of Expansion


Esther Hicks teaches us that when we feel depressed it is because we are out of alignment with our better version (of ourselves). When we feel depressed, it’s because we’re here and we would rather be over there. Likewise, when we complain we inform ourselves of where we feel stuck.

While it’s true none of us wants to hang around a complainer unless we both enjoy complaining, this habit serves a purpose. I’m not saying that we sit around complaining because when we don’t harness the expansive energy that shows up, we’re wasting our time. Some spiritual teachers say that complaining is another form of making wishes for things we don’t want. I see truth in that statement. However, when we know what we don’t want, we carve out what we do want.

If we complain about our current job we can use that fodder for turning the story inside out. We know that we don’t like the long hours which means that we’re actually open to a more flexible type of job. And if we use this frustration to propel us into exploration we can find a job that we enjoy. But after a while, we will start complaining about that job too. This is because we are like the Universe in that we constantly expand. Expansion happens naturally and when we prevent it from happening and we lose our footing, we suffer from depression.

When we understand expansion and that we are in constant flow with expansion, then we stop complaining or if we catch ourselves complaining we choose to explore our options on the road that stretches in front of us. Instead of noticing what is, pay attention to your daydreams. Perhaps, you see yourself sitting on a beach in Hawaii. Follow that thread. What do you find significant about that vision? Do you need a vacation or would you be interested in becoming an entrepreneur who travels?

When we expand we can either show up as a complainer or an explorer. If we show up as a complainer then quickly flip that around and start exploring your options. Explore those nudges and daydreams. Practice self-talk by asking yourself what you truly desire. Interview yourself. At first, you’ll only hear complaints. Then when you dig in, you’ll start hearing possibilities. Go with that and brainstorm. Better yet, get out paper and a pen and write down your daydreams and impulses. Then start walking in that direction.

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