Intuitive Coaching 101–5 Practices for Manifestations


First off, we are always manifesting. We could not live on the Earth and function without manifesting some kind of reality around us. The way others react to us, the way we react to others, and all the structures around us come from ours and the collective manifestation process. The world shows up when we show up.

DSCN3095So here are five tools for manifesting intentionally instead of haphazardly. Remember that we are always manifesting. It’s up to you to manifest a life that is worth living. No one can do that for you. And you have the power to heal your mind and to manifest a better world.

  1. Clear away false programming in our Subconscious Minds

I believe that this is the most important practice for manifesting our true desires. When we are in the womb and as children, we pick up other people’s programming or they brainwash us so that they can mold us into their distorted reality. In other words, we learn how to become co-dependent, addicted, confused, and depressed. When we are in those states of minds, we manifest nightmares instead of dreams. Therefore, it is crucial that we seek out energy and other types of healers to help us clear our channels and heal our subconscious minds.

2. Get out of our Thoughts and Pay Attention to Sensations and Feelings in Our Bodies

John Newton is one of the best teachers of this practice. When we allow our minds and egos to rattle on like a to-do list, we fail to hear messages from our bodies. Yet, our bodies are GPS for us. Our bodies tell us when we veer off course the way a GPS tells us that our car is veering off course. Intuition shows up in our bodies as sensations, hunches, and feelings. This helps us in our waking and our dream lives. And we can use this same powerful energy by harnessing our visions and vision boards to it. So, pay attention to your body’s messages. Even illness has messages for us. It tells us we are veering off course or that we need to clear the way for our dreams to enter.

3. Meditation

How can we expect to manifest our desires when we say we don’t have time even for a five- minute meditation? Meditation helps us to get in touch with our bodies. Meditation helps us to become more mindful and to hear our inner voice or Higher Self. We accomplish more through meditation than from running around trying to make things happen. Believe me, I have learned this lesson the hard way. When we watch the pot waiting for the water to boil it takes longer to reach the boiling point than when we focus our attention elsewhere. Meditation allows the Universal Forces to come in and shape our lives. Meditation is easier on the body than multitasking or micromanaging our dreams.

Find numerous meditation practices online and in books. You decide which one works best for you. Hypnosis, reiki, and manifestation videos are all meditation practices. They all work.

4. Get into Your Body (Get Grounded and Centered with the Earth’s Magnetic Field)

This one feels almost like a repeat of paying attention to sensations and feelings. However, through meditation, dance, breath work, and yoga (and other practices), we get in touch with our physical bodies. We are here now instead of in our minds which want to travel far ahead into the future. Life is always better, we think, over the rainbow or on the other side of the fence. Only it’s not and that’s our ego tricking us. If we’re not happy in this moment and in our bodies now, we cannot manifest happiness over the horizon.

We must stop dissociating from our bodies and love our bodies no matter its shape, size, or age. How else can we expect to manifest our desires if we don’t even love and take care of our bodies? We can’t. It’s impossible to manifest intentionally when we are floating outside of our bodies. How do you expect to enjoy and abundance and prosperity if you are a space boy or a space girl? So exercise, eat the right foods and get a massage. Heal any programming that causes you to dissociate. This does involve healing co-dependency and addictions.

5. Work with Your Guides and Higher Self

Tune into your Higher Self and find out what you truly desire. Our brains or minds aren’t usually in alignment with our Soul or our Soul’s true purpose. This is because life on this planet has allowed society to highjack our souls. We are told what to want and how to go about manifesting collective desires. We are told what and who to value. And most of us don’t even know this is happening.

When we meditate we glean counterintuitive information. What we learn goes against the grain of what our families, heritage, and cultures have taught us. We realize at some point that we desire other people’s dreams instead of our own. We are like the college kid who has to major in what his father wants instead of what serves his passion. Or I still meet women who serve their husband’s or partner’s wishes instead of her own. I once met a woman who had to ask her husband who she could vote for in a general election. What?

So, it comes down to finding out who you are. You can’t become authentic if you’re mirroring other people’s wishes. Meditation is the quickest route to your Higher Self. I like to call this the Super Highway of our Consciousness.

Learn more manifestation and spiritual practice tips, sign up for a personal coaching session. For details read the tabs above or visit Whole Astrology or contact me at wholemusicexp at

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