Neptune Girl Recites the History of Western Astrology (the condensed version)

In 2012 (or was it 2013?), I gave an astrology lecture at Village Books in Bellingham, Washington. I presented the history through a PowerPoint slide show and lecture. Then during the past several years, I wanted to convert the presentation into a video.  After a little research, I learned how to do that. However, I had to record the narration three or four times. First, I recorded the narration with the program Audacity. That didn’t work. Then I narrated the video with the PowerPoint program. That didn’t work. So, I saved the slides individually and uploaded them on to Movie Maker and then learned that I would need to narrate the slides again!

So, the video is far from perfect. I hope you still glean historical facts about astrology and you feel proud to join the astrology train. Subscribe to my YouTube channel, Astrologer Patricia. Thank you.

Published by pnwauthor

I'm a former Washingtonian from Washington State, not Washington DC. I currently reside in Pennsylvania, even though my dream was to live and work in Vermont.

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