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I’m surprised by the number of people who say that they’re working on their ascension but listen to music with low vibrations. When I say, low vibrations, I’m not talking about bass and cello, though these instruments do make up the lower end of the scale. What I’m talking about is popular music mainly which was produced purely for entertainment: read distraction.

Higher vibrational music has less of a popular appeal. It is the superfood equivalent to junk food. People who still find living inside the Matrix comfortable and convenient also prefer foods with enhanced flavors, unhealthy fats, loaded sugar, and loaded salts. They lack the fine-tuning of their five senses and have yet to awaken their sixth sense, also known as, intuition (or an inner-knowing).

Music works in the same way. In ancient times, musicians from the musician class in certain societies were initiated into their roles of musicians. They learned and performed specific scales and music enhanced spiritual development of the individual and their tribe or the collective. Musicians performed the roles of vibrational alchemist, shamans, storytellers (who told stories with coded words), and as healers.

These musicians or their soul lineages are still among us. They are the ones discovering Solfeggio tones, ancient scales, sound healing, and music therapy. They are the forerunners of various new age practices involving music. They also have a special connection with plants, animals, and minerals. They speak of the animals, minerals, and plants as coming from kingdoms. Some of these musicians started out as rock or pop musicians then through illness or other exploratory journeys, rediscovered their roots in higher vibrational music.

The musical healers understand the basics of sound resonance and rhythmic entrainment. They understand how various keys and chords affect the different parts of the body. They understand that if we want to feel high or estactic we can do so through musical vibrations and not substance abuse. They also teach others the scales and musical practices that lead to ascension.

The problem most humans face is an addiction to pop music and pop culture which is based on the ego more than the heart. In pop culture, there are few songs that promote self-love or independence. Most love songs or what is passed off as love songs promote co-dependent longing and desiring for someone to complete them. Many pop songs promote the idea of revenge or self-pity. Just the words alone keep us stuck in the lower vibrations. Processed beats and synthesized instruments entice listeners into a trance in which it is easy for advertisers and whatnot to brainwash the masses. While this music is alluring and popular because of its allure, it is dangerous to the uninitated or person who knows little or nothing about the effects of sound vibration on their bodies, not to mention their spirits and minds.

It is recommended that anyone wishing to ascend and live outside of the Matrix learn about rhythmic entrainment, sound resonance, sound healing, and the effects of various music on their physical and emotional bodies. It is crucial that anyone wishing to ascend go on a music fast for at least one week. And then start introducing (little by little) Solfeggio scales and other music with healthy architecture including Baroque chamber music, kirtan chants, Gregorian Chant, and other types of music deemed higher vibration.

When the Spirit Guides and Light Angels see those efforts coming forth, they provide a road of synchronicity which leads the initiate (person choosing ascension), to the right musicians, the right frequencies, and the right tribe at the perfect time. While it is a challenge to give up an addiction to popular music (and this comes in all genres) that lowers the vibration, because it is an addiction, we cannot ascend without connecting with higher frequency sounds.

This does not mean that we can never listen to our favorite childhood songs or songs from our youth since using those songs in the right therapeutic setting brings healing. Some songs help us release old patterns. However, just like with a food diet, most of our food needs to be of a higher vibration such as super food and organic produce, most of our music diet must contain higher frequencies. And for musicians wishing to ascend, find a musical mentor to teach you sound healing, Sacred Geometry and ancient musical practices that lead to ascension.

If you would like to learn more about music consciousness, visit Whole Music Experience. I am the author of the unpublished book, Whole Music (Soul Food for the Mind Body Spirit).

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I'm a former Washingtonian from Washington State, not Washington DC. I currently reside in Pennsylvania, even though my dream was to live and work in Vermont.

One thought on “Whole Music–Music for Ascension

  1. I am Bob Marley in a new body, and my own music has helped me through my ascension process tremendously. I didn’ t even realize at first, but when I got the memory It all made sense! I made my. music for this period of time, for all my.Brothers and Sisters. 🙂


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