Intuitive Coaching 101–Beware of Greed and Selfishness

Alice in Wonderland, Wikipedia

Often energy and themes tilt one way or another until it regains balance. Many people of equating self-love and self-worth with greed and selfishness. They have become an island unto themselves and materialism has run rampant on the planet. And so the planet rights itself by bringing disasters and tragedies to open our heart chakras.

We are all stripped bare at this time to notice what really matters. It’s so obvious that it is almost a cliche to even mention it. I am seeing greed everywhere and hardly anyone takes responsibility for their role in this greed. When we point the finger at our political leaders and label them selfish or greedy, we also point at ourselves. We prop those leaders up with our own behavior.

For instance, we rally against GMO foods and call Monsanto greedy but we won’t pay the extra money to purchase organic food and support farmers who do the right thing. We look for bargains at Walmart and purchase stuff we don’t even need and then we say that we’re too broke to purchase a sustainable service or purchase a product that gives back to the planet through fair trade or donating to a worthwhile cause.

We live in bigger houses or drive bigger cars just because we can. Then we rationalize that we deserve it like we’re starring in some Loreal ad from the 1980s. And btw, Loreal tested its products on animals. So that brings up the question is self-love equal to harming another creature because we think we deserve it? It seems to me because I believe that we are all connected, that spending more money on a natural product from a company with healthy ethics is a form of self-love.

And let me repeat what self-love is and is not. Self-love sets appropriate boundaries so that people can’t control or manipulate us. But it is not about building walls and moats which prevent us from reaching out to others through love and compassion. Self-love is about making sure we get enough rest, that we allow others to solve their problems (but we give them a leg up) and that we don’t hog the ball of glory for ourselves. It is about eating healthy, drinking pure water, getting exercise and taking time to enjoy our lives by pursuing our passions.

Self-love is not the law of attracting big houses around the earth while depriving creatures of their natural habitat or trees of their lives. Self-love is not using products on our bodies that pollute the earth. Self-love is not indulging in food stuff, cruelty to animals, and whatever else puts food on our table. Self-love is not gluttony but it is eating mindfully and consciously.

Self-love is about taking care of our bodies so that we don’t catch contagious diseases that we pass on to others who aren’t taking care of their bodies. Self-love is taking care of our bodies so that we stay strong and healthy which leads to being there for others instead of creating drama which drains others. And self-love is showing up in the world and doing our part which we include in the overall fabric of humankind.

When we reach out to others through mercy, forgiveness, and compassion we practice self-love. And when others grant us mercy we experience shared the love. We all deserve second chances if we are sincere. So, today be mindful of your healing path and realize that the greatest gift you give others is the gift of healing to yourself. And this does include healing greed which is fear posing as self-love.


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I'm a former Washingtonian from Washington State, not Washington DC. I currently reside in Pennsylvania, even though my dream was to live and work in Vermont.

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