Is American Society Suffering from Infantilism?

kid-2606329_1280Recently, while I was spending time on YouTube, a video on infantilism popped up. In this video, the presenter said that children of narcissistic parents (or controlling and manipulative parents) become adults who suffer from infantilism.

While I am still confused about this psychological condition, the British Dictionary defines it as:

  1. a condition in which an older child or adult is mentally or physically undeveloped
  2. isolated instances of infantile behaviour in mature persons

And this leaves me to wonder if infantilism is related to co-dependent relationships in families and especially with parents where the adult-child is unable to survive financially in the world despite a college education and a number of talents. They have problems keeping their bank accounts in order, have good ideas that never get off the ground financially and or can’t hold a job down for more than a few months before they fill the urge to quit or sabotage their work.

Now, if we expand this outward to a nation such as the US, we see this infantile relationship with government organizations and leaders or even employers. When a problem crops in society, the infantile citizens don’t take responsibility for their end and look to a “leader” to solve the problem, while they continue their co-dependent relationship or dance.

Now, this is troublesome because none of us can evolve if we don’t take responsibility for our end or part of the picture. The Law of Cause and Effect is ongoing but we don’t take responsibility for our actions. And instead of responding to situations that appear in front of us we either slip into denial or we act like victims reacting to situations. We take the passive role like a passenger in a vehicle with a mad driver at the wheel. And then if we survive that ordeal, we scratch our heads in dismay.

While I can see the bigger and smaller picture of infantilism, I do not know how to heal it other than recommending therapy that removes old patterns and heals original wounding. But the first passage in the healing process is recognizing that there is a problem with infantilism and this inability to grow into adults and handle the world as adults instead of as needy children dressed in business clothing or the adult garb of the day. Just because someone looks like a confident adult doesn’t mean he or she actually has his/her act together. But we must stop fooling ourselves if we’re ever going to step up to the plate and start healing this planet.

I know three things:

  1. We cannot survive any longer living life with this pathology
  2. We must return to the original wounds (even if it is in the ancestral DNA) and release it now
  3. We must take responsibility for our actions and healing process

As I learn more about infantilism, I will post more on this blog. For now, I encourage you to research this topic (which might apply to you if you’re struggling financially or having issues with authority figures) in regard to co-dependent relationships.

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Image from Pix a Bay (Creative Commons)

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