Intuitive Coach 101: Indigos–Time for You to Shine

Invisible_Woman by Alan Davis

First of all, I agree with many spiritual teachers that it’s time to move beyond labels. And I find it dangerous to overidentify with any particular group or label because this can easily turn into an exclusive situation. However, if you have a sense that you possess Indigo traits and you feel like you are on this planet as part of a mission, then listen up.

The chat room time has ended. Get suited and show up to do the necessary work. We are on high alert and it’s time to fulfill our mission which ultimately leads to birthing a new Earth. No one ever said this was easy and we find ourselves mired in challenges. However, we also have each other for support. Find your team or group and get to work.

Here are some of the main missions:

If you are a Manifestor then manifest a better world for all concerned. It’s time to move beyond a self-focus and instead of manifesting that dream mansion or designer car, use your power of manifestation to bring shelter for all humans and harmony to all sentient beings. Saint Francis’ prayer says, “It is in giving that we receive.”

If you are a Messenger and you have not created a blog or YouTube channel yet, it’s time to get those plans into motion. I also struggled with taking my journaling and private channel sessions into the public arena. Thoughts such as, “Who do you think you are to teach or share with others?” still crop up and I acknowledge those thoughts and respond, “And who am I not to show up and deliver my message?” And it is the same for you.

If you are a healer, that is if you have natural gifts but don’t have the training, work with a manifestor to acquire the funds to pay tuition to a healing college or institute. Get your certification and license so you can begin your life mission. Once you take the first step, the Universe will step in and lead you to the right school, the right teachers, and funding. Later, the Universe will bring you, patients or clients.

If you are a teacher and your burning desire is to teach the wisdom in your heart (not your ego), then start teaching a small group of friends and colleagues in your home. This is how Louise Hay and others started their planetary service. Granted, they did study with spiritual teachers first, and Louise Hay began her studies at the Church of Religious Science (Center for Spiritual Living, Unity Church…) You get to choose who you study with and if you have already graduated from those studies, then begin teaching in your home or at a local community center or even a public library.

If you are an Indigo nutritionist then it is time to learn all that you can about super foods and to teach other about avoiding toxic foods. You might deliver your work through private sessions with clients or through blogs, social media, or a YouTube channel. Just make sure you stay in contact with other nutrition experts and keep up on the latest nutritional news.

If you are an Indigo warrior, then choose your advocacy group or cause. You might even start your own advocacy group or organization. While the numerous causes in the world seem overwhelming, choose one or two at the most so that you can give it your focus and power.

If you are not a member of any of these groups then get in touch with your spiritual guides and ask for the next step on your Indigo path. I left out Indigo artists and Indigo animal communicators as well as, Indigo diplomats and travelers. If you are among these groups, the world also calls for you to step up to the plate. Let’s get started today.

I am a messenger-astrologer-coach. I channel, journal, research astrology transits (past, present, and future), research the healing power of music, and coach others using metaphysical tools. Sign up for a personal session at Whole Astrology.

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