Intuitive Coaching 101: Say No to the Media

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Since I wrote this earlier and have undergone evolution since writing this post, please take the messages with a grain of salt. Always use discernment.

DSCN8879If you’re on a spiritual path, it doesn’t do you any good to watch, read, or listen to the news. Given that there are several reasons why people even watch the news such as the excuse that they have to know what’s happening around the world, I’m going to suggest otherwise…

When you’re on a spiritual path, you learn how to communicate with spirit guides or perhaps you have a direct connection to the Divine. So it’s better to spend your time meditating than lamenting as you discover everything that’s wrong with the world. Besides, your guides will tell you exactly what you need to know and when you need to know it.

But, I have to keep informed, you argue. Again, anything you need to know will filter through your guides to you at the right time. The real reason people give so much attention to the media is because it provides an adrenaline rush in the same way that violent movies or thriller novels do. And it gives some people the space to gloat, “Well, at least that’s not happening to me, poor sods.”


Now, I’m not above the urge to read the news online so this message goes double for me. I make the excuse that I have to see what the weather is doing so I head over to a newspaper site when I just as well could check the weather website (Oh, but that’s so boring). But what I’ve noticed is that when I do read, watch, or listen to the news, my vibration sinks below the equator. My heart starts palpitating and if I don’t change my focus, I’ll start thinking anxious and fearful thoughts. Then to ease my mind, I share the news with other people and lower their vibe too. Yeah, like that’s going to heal anyone or bring peace to the world. It won’t.

When I woke up this morning my Spirit Guides gave me advice to go slow and stay away from the news. But as an astrologer, I want to know if the planet transits have any correlation or connection to news events. Still, my guides won’t take that as an excuse. It’s like one of their ten commandments right now, thou shalt now watch, listen to, or read the news. And here’s why.

We live in a vibrational universe and this has been proven through quantum physics research. You can find a library of books on the topic, not to mention popular movies such as What the Bleep and The Secret, though I would never include movies as my main source of research. Thoughts contain vibration, judgement and opinions contain vibration, words (especially all the violent and provocative words newscasters and reporters use) contain vibration, and images contain vibration.

A lower vibration or frequency equates fear. The more fear we spread in the world by sharing dark news or tragic events will either cause us to delve deeper into fear (feel the adrenaline rush), or into the realm of compassion and love (let’s give from the heart and make a difference). For most people, they experience a bit of both scenarios when they watch tragic news events. Fear is the fuel that brings tragic events to the world and collectively we invite those events to occur. It’s like we order those events from a menu of experiences based on where we choose to place our focus. I’m not kidding.

The Law of Attraction (Universal Law), says that we get more of what we focus upon. So if millions of people around the globe are watching footage of floods, then guess what happens? If millions of people are fearing climate change, then we have no chance of shifting this energy and dire consequences if we don’t focus on the love that can heal this situation and yes, love is that powerful. If 7 billion people on the planet chose in this moment to think a peaceful thought or a loving thought, we would heal the planet. And according to teachers such as Gregg Braden, we only require something like 3 percent of all the humans on the planet to cause this shift to occur. (I don’t recall the exact percentage, but it’s small).

I attended a “peace” rally regarding the climate two weekends ago. And I was more disturbed by the “peace” mantras than the reason we were rallying in the first place. Again, out of ignorance people were shouting, What do we want–we want peace.” But the Law of Attraction also states that the Universe takes our words literally. You can also find this in the books and videos of Gregg Braden.

So what this means is if we say that “we want” something then that’s what we’ll get, wanting but not having our desire. It’s better to shout, “What do we have…we have peace” because that affirms what we already have and the Universe has to mirror that statement with a peaceful experience. It gladdened my heart somewhat when I noticed that only a handful of people were joining the chant. Perhaps on a conscious or subconscious level the ones not joining the chant understood that the Universe would take their words literally. There were after all some spiritual people joining the rally who were versed in Universal Law.

So I invite you to go on a news/media fast this week and instead visualize the world you want to see or witness manifesting. Know that you bring more healing to the world when you meditate, focus on the positive, and heal your shadows and projections (we’re seeing a lot of shadows cast out to the world now which is what happens when people judge individuals, groups, or races).

And if you hear someone start a sentence with, “Did you hear that…” or “I heard in the news…” break away from them. Use diplomacy and tell them that you prefer not to follow the news. If they act smug or politically correct because they think you are ignorant or selfish, just let it roll off you. You don’t owe anyone an explanation.

As we shift consciousness on the planet we have to give up our compulsive habits which includes, “keeping informed.” Remember that the media thrives on bad and dramatic news in the same way that gossip rags use sensational words to attract people living seemingly empty lives. The media thrives on bad news the way Hollywood thrives on violence and vulgarity–because it attracts the lower part of ourselves. Bottom line, it sells copy, air time, and space on the internet.

And some of you will still make the argument that watching, listening to, or reading the news is your civic duty. And I will counter that as a metaphysical teacher and coach that your job is to watch your vibration and keep it as high and loving as possible. Granted, if you can engage with the media and not lose your sense of love and compassion (and not judge anyone or any event), then you’re one of the rare people immune to the effects of the media.

The media these days (I am a former journalist), is about as healthy for you as junk food or trashy music. It’s better to find media that celebrates goodness in the world such as the Good News website. Think of all the free time you’ll have if you don’t surf the internet for news or sit in front of a television or glue to your radio. Think of all the walks in the park, hikes, and time with your family and pets you’ll have. Meditate, listen to favorite music, read an uplifting book, or spend time with friends not talking about the latest news. And your digestion will improve too.

Again, I repeat that if there is information that is important for you, it will come to you from another source such as a dream, a website, a song, or a friend phoning you about a weather warning or what not. Of course, you need to stay abreast of what’s happening in your neighborhood and community, but it doesn’t have to be delivered with provocative words and violent imagery that causes your heart to shatter. Visualize the world you would like to experience and don’t sway from that vision. In the end, it’s all illusion anyway. Only love and the frequency of love are the real deal. If it doesn’t feel like love, its not the truth so why bother with it?

I’m a metaphysical coach and astrologer. For more information, please go to my blog, Whole Astrology and watch my YouTube channel Astrologer Patricia. I apologize ahead of time for some of my posts which are newsy. My guides only asked me to fast from the news media today.


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