Intuitive Coaching 101–Raising Frequency Transforms Your Life

DSCN9540Have you ever gone through the task of making vision boards, writing affirmations, and visualizing a certain goal or desire, only not to care about it when it finally shows up? This happens when we raise our frequency because we have expanded beyond the original wish that we wanted to manifest.

Here’s an example. You are at a place in your life where you would like to manifest a partner. So, you write down the list of attributes you want in a partner and you practice creative visualization. Perhaps, you even make a collage of this partner.

Then you attend an online clearing group or work with a coach that helps you lift your frequency by releasing blocks and resolving situations from your past or wounds. This raises your frequency and your life circumstances expand. Now, you find that you no longer desire having that particular partner.

Or this could refer to a new home, a new job, a new career, or some health issue. When we raise our frequency many things in our life realign with our Greater or Highest Good and potential. Things and circumstances that seemed out of reach prior to this change are now within fingers’ length. We can grab a new life, but…when those old manifestations show up we still feel uncomfortable saying no to them, mainly because we put so much effort into them.

As we realign with a higher frequency we also feel like cleaning out our closets and giving away clothing, shoes, books, and other material goods that only served our old self. We are like butterflies shedding cocoons. We can’t exactly fly away with our old shells clinging to us. We find that we don’t feel comfortable with people in our lives so we gently shed them too.

We change our diet (some people switch to a vegan diet). We take a class or a workshop that didn’t interest us in the past. We make new friends, travel to new places, and might even relocate to a new city or state or country. Anything goes as we evolve. And we can’t take our old life or our tired ways on this journey of evolution.

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I'm a former Washingtonian from Washington State, not Washington DC. I currently reside in Pennsylvania, even though my dream was to live and work in Vermont.

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