Intuitive Coaching 101–Journey with Owl Spirit

owlMy encounter with Owl Spirit began when I visited a cafe in Port Townsend, Washington called Owl Spirit. If my journey started before that time, I was unaware of Owl Spirit’s presence. And since I became aware of Owl medicine, I have seen images of owls everywhere ranging from stuffed owls at the Port Townsend Public Library, to owls in the candy store in the same town.

In fact, most of the owls I’ve seen have been in Port Townsend, although I saw paintings of owls at the Oak Harbor Public Library and I believe I saw owls in Skagit too. Well, what does it all mean? Why am I literally seeing owl images, sculptures, and references to owls (including owl stickers and photographs) every day? Even, my Crow Totem hasn’t grabbed the spotlight nearly this much and I spent ten years working on a documentary on crows back in the day.

Well, owls are associated with the Greek goddess Athena who represents wisdom and battles. She, along with other goddesses represents the Divine Feminine and we are currently embracing the Divine Feminine Age or the return of it. Owl represents intuition and regurgitation. Owls see in the dark and do their hunting during the night. When owls fly in the night they are silent and their prey only knows of the owl’s attack when it’s too late. Owls make no noise when they fly. But when owls do talk, they are like journalists, asking, “who, who…who…”

Birds represent creatures that make a living in the air, above water, and on land. Depending on the type of Owl that visits me, I also need to look at its natural environment–is it a marsh or a barn or are they traveling from the Arctic like the Snowy Owl (my favorite type of Owl)? And even knowing all this information which I mainly gleaned from the late Ted Andrews, what is Owl’s message for me? Owl has never been a totem for me yet I’ve known many people with Owl Totems.

The owl comes to me as a power animal and these spirit creatures show up temporarily to bring us power or to help us reclaim power in some area of our lives. With so many women joining the “Me Too” campaign and marching on streets, getting their voices heard sometimes for the first time (as we enter the Divine Feminine Age), perhaps, Owl is asking me and others to end the silence on one hand, but also to keep our actions covert until the right time when with the help of Athena, we launch into the last battle we’ll ever need to fight–as we learn to make our way through this darkness that has descended upon and curtained the Earth.

As we make our way through the tunnel, who is not better than Owl to lead us through to the light on the other end?

Sign up for a Totem Animal message session with me. Contact me at wholemusicexp at $50 for a half-hour session or $100 for an hour session. If you’re in North America we can do the session by Skype. Otherwise, I do in-person readings in Port Townsend or I can send you MP3s.

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I'm a former Washingtonian from Washington State, not Washington DC. I currently reside in Pennsylvania, even though my dream was to live and work in Vermont.

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