Intuitive Coaching 101–Clearing the Path for a Soulful Partnership


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I actually, articulated this theme earlier this morning upon awakening. And now, having gone through my morning routine, the information I channeled this morning on clearing the way for a soulful partnership (some people refer to this as a twin flame partnership) is fading fast.


Basically, we need to clear our emotional baggage in our daily life, from our past childhood experiences while also releasing cords from all previous love partnerships. And this does not just include requited relationships. We need to release everyone we’ve ever desired who did not also desire us.

One of the mistakes I made in the past (that blocks the way for a new partnership) was to write affirmations in my journals (which I found recently) stating a relationship with a particular person. When I found these pages (in journals from the 1990s), I ripped them out and put them through the shredder while saying, “I now release you and all my ties with you through all time space and realities.”

And each night while I’m working with Metatron and each morning when I meditate, I bring up images of people who I need to release. These aren’t just old boyfriends or crushes either. I have cleared and released energy patterns and cords attached to people who mirrored back to me my wounds. I thanked them and then forgave them when I set them free. And I feel that I am creating a vacuum for someone new and different to enter my life. I am preparing the ground just like a gardener clears away the old to plant new seeds, except now, I’m planting new intentions.

So, here are some clearing steps you can take to prepare the soil for a new partnership that is on higher ground:

  1. Go through old journals (if you do affirmations) and shred any pages with old affirmations for a particular person, old intentions, and old needs for a partnership. (This list includes birthday and solstice intentions).
  2. Go through your memory and release anyone that comes up for release. Again, pull those cords off and dissolve them.
  3. Forgive any past partners or friends who have caused deep wounding. Then heal your inner child too.
  4. Toss out old letters, cards, and gifts you received from a former partner or friend that is no longer in your life. (I have to admit I’m not so good at this. I still have a gorgeous jewelry box and a pair of binoculars given to me as gifts that I can’t toss out). I at least saged them.
  5. Pay attention to dreams and see who comes up in the dreams. It might be that you need to release these folks too.
  6. Allow old dreams to dissolve because you are a different person now and have different needs. Just like you wouldn’t wear shoes from your childhood, you can also allow those old situations go too.
  7. Stop beating yourself up for what might have been. If it did not happen the way you envisioned it, then it just wasn’t meant to be. Accept that and know that once you clear the garden, you can grow something new.
  8. And if you are in a partnership now that isn’t working and if you can’t be the new you have become, then let that partner go. Make room for someone new to enter.

One way to release the old is to picture yourself walking down a long hallway with doors on both sides. Some of the doors are open and others are closed. Peek into the open doors and see who is standing in the room. That is someone you must let go. But you can obtain closing by having a final conversation with that person.

Ask the following questions:

What do you still need from me?

What were you about for me?

What lessons have we learned?

Then once you complete your conversation, close the door and move on to the next open door and then repeat the exercise. Then when you get to the end of the hall ask your higher self or spirit guides to sage the area and to sage you. Have them pull off remaining cords and shower you with love and light. Then you can exit the hallway and complete the meditation.

I hope this is helpful for you. We all deserve the highest and best partnership for us. And as we continually work on ourselves and evolve know that someone who is meant for you is doing the same work. Take a few moments to shower that person with love.

PS I’m picking up that a woman reading this article has an old wedding dress in her closet from a previous marriage. Toss it out. You don’t need energy from your former husband hanging around you. Recycle it, donate the dress to a thrift store, or give it to a friend who is getting married. Toss out all previous wedding momentos, including the wedding album. I know this is hard, but you don’t want that energy around you now as you prepare for a new life with a new partner.


Blessings and namaste.

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