Archangel Metatron’s Message on Manifestation

geometryI channeled this message this morning and the original message appears in my journal. You can also check out the audio (podcast) on the Higher Self channel on YouTube.

Welcome to the Chinese Year of the Earth Dog. This is not a session on the Chinese New Year. However, this is a good year for manifesting your desires, if, and only if, those desires are aligned with your life path or life lessons.

In my teachings, the Earth is a school and the path is for the betterment of the soul. When souls leave their host bodies often they do so carrying regrets. They say, “If only I had forgiven that person.” Or they say, “If only I had taken a risk with business or with friendship.”

You see when the soul passes through the body and reaches a place/realm of unconditional love and restoration, revaluation takes place. And this is when the soul decides his or her next path. The soul could choose to learn through joy or strife. They choose all of what they wish to experience and often they don’t succeed for the following reasons:

1st, other souls who say that they will participate either forget their roles or make different choices once they interact with the student on the Earth plane.

2nd, The soul forgets their life path or they are tempted off their path. But even then, their lives are rich with educational experiences if they so choose.

3rd, The soul is in a cycle of karma that take a few lifetimes to unravel or resolve.

However, and the good news is that in this lifetime, all souls are meant to get their lessons, especially during this cosmic phase, and if not in this lifetime, then the very next lifetime.  Death happens so that they are reborn into new bodies that master those lessons.

There is no escaping, not even a fork in the road. If they choose the left path when they should choose the right path, they will be redirected to the right path. They will deal with healing traumas. And if they don’t, manifestations are blocked. The person crashes emotionally, spiritually, psychology, or mentally.

They lose employment, they lose a partner or family member. They end up homeless or they relocate to an area that feels brutal and painful to them. This “sand in the oyster” promotes personal evolution and only when the person is back on their path they have cleared will they manifest the “right” and “true” desire they signed up for.

Now, last but not least, I want to talk about the manifestation process. Let’s use the scenario of ordering a sandwich at a café. You look on the menu and you decide what you’ll order–possibly you pay for it at that time.

You don’t go in the kitchen and make the sandwich. You trust that the café worker will that for you and deliver it to you in a timely manner while you occupy yourself with something else. You actually trust that it will all work out and it does (most of the time). You trust in your competency and with the competency of the person serving you.

God is in the details. It’s not your job to fill in the details or to figure out how your manifestation will happen or even when it will show up. This is called Divine Timing. You visualize the bigger picture and then you clear your path. And this includes healing emotional, psychological, mental, and spiritual wounds. If your desires manifest too soon, you will sabotage them. Make sure that you don’t have faulty programming running the show!

So, this is why some of you are still struggling. Don’t get caught up in/with distractions, but direct your mind to what you need to heal, resolve, and clear now. Then take the steps to do that. Some of you heal yourselves and your desires change to how you can serve others and the world. Don’t be surprised if this happens. It’s all very good.

—Archangel Metatron

February 16, 2018

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