Intuitive Coaching 101–Truth & Authenticity

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Every morning, Archangel Metatron talks to me. We talk about the day ahead and he often, almost always, sneaks in a spiritual lesson or practice. And even though I have the best of intentions, I space out and forget to start my day on the best notes possible.


Today’s lesson was on speaking and living our truth. Metatron says that if we don’t speak and live our truth then we fail to act authentically. If we hide our truth from others because we feel too vulnerable expressing it or we feel unsafe, then we miss the mark.

It’s true that when we find ourselves with dangerous people, we wear our masks to protect ourselves. But even then, Metatron says that if we drop our masks even in a dangerous situation, our vulnerability acts like a shield. It is only when we believe our lies and the lies of others that we suffer any harm. When you know your truth no one can harm you or send you off course.

We cloak ourselves, which is not the same as hiding our truth. Cloaking involves saving our truths for those who have the ability to hear them. We don’t hide our truth like secrets in a treasure hunt but consider the flower who hides her most beautiful parts from the world by tucking them into her innermost sanctum. When we live our truths from the inside out and we know ourselves, what harm can anyone do to us?

Even with toxic people (abusers), they push our buttons only if we don’t show up in our strength, our love, and our light. When we stoop to their level by hiding our truth we grow in vulnerability. We become the rabbit visible in a meadow. It’s up to each of us to discover our buttons so that no one can push them. And we can only do this if we live in our truth and shine it on the world. (This includes becoming acquainted with our shadows and owning them).

While I’m not religious, I do understand Jesus Christ’s vulnerability as he hung on a cross defenseless and yet, filled with the light of truth. You can’t hide anything when others expose you to the elements or you hang naked before the world. Symbolically, in the moments of letting it all go, you reclaim your true self and your personal power. You ascend over your enemies. You have no enemies at that moment.

Buddha discovered his enlightenment on a more pleasant path. Similar to Jesus, he roamed as a mendicant, teaching his wisdom as he experienced life’s extremes. Then he sat beneath a tree and surrendered to the Divine. He too portrayed a vulnerability as he dropped the mask and he found his authentic path.

Each of us has a spiritual and a physical path. Often times, these paths dovetail and make it easier for us to live our truth. Other times, we suffer from fear due to unmerciful treatment we received in previous lifetimes when we spoke our truths prematurely or to the wrong crowd. But even then, our souls evolved and our passion to live our truth never disappeared, it just went underground where societal demands could not taint it.

If you suffer from anxiety in regard to telling your truth, then you are hanging out with the wrong crowd. Make new friends. Pray that your tribe shows up. Pray that you finally feel safe to drop the mask and live an authentic life. That’s when the light and love pour in and you do your greatest work.

None of us knows how long we walk this Earth plane. And let’s not waste anymore time pretending at selfhood. Let’s walk our talk. Let’s do as the Navajo people do, and walk in beauty. Now.

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