Intuitive Coaching 101–Living Out of Time


During the last three months of 2014, I lived outside of time.

In August 2014, prior to moving out of an apartment (that led to a journey of living without a home), my watch stopped working. Two days later, I found myself living in a hotel room with ironically, the clock ticking away as I panicked over finding a new home in time. But I didn’t get that I was living outside of time and structure.

Fate, such as messages on greeting cards that said, “You are stronger than you think” began a long thread of synchronicity where I honed my intuition. I worked with angels, especially Archangel Michael more than ever. Each day I prayed to be in the right place for the right circumstances. And please keep a roof of one kind or another over my head.

I stayed in hotel rooms, couch surfed (not the vacation type of couch surfing) I hopped around despite having a car or a phone. I made it to appointments with prospective landlords or other meetings without having a watch to get me there. I manage to catch buses without a watch and to get from A to B locations when it was required.

As far as structure, I had none. I lamented that I didn’t have employment and while I couch surfed I wandered around during the day, rode the long-route buses (I saw new places around Whatcom County), or I hung out in the library or a café. Only my stomach told me when to eat and my body told me when to sleep. I was like an animal in a way.

Despite this timelessness, and I did experience some spiritually-charged moments, I tried to force structure on my life–or my ego did. I busted my body by making myself look at housing situations that did not serve me (or I did it to please the others who I stayed with) or I busted my body looking for employment though none of the opportunities that came up were appropriate for the new me I was becoming. The employers had a sense of that and didn’t hire me. Yet, some how I got by.

I mention this timelessness because as we head into a higher dimension, we leave time-space reality behind. Those of us who have already experienced living outside of time-space, whether that’s through meditation or through homelessness, ascend above the mundane. This old way no longer works for us and we tell others we feel done with the 3D world.

Now, I’m not saying that I experienced a Rumi moment or that I am enlightened–far from it. I struggled and fought my way through my 2014 experiences. I sobbed as I stumbled my way through the tunnel that eventually leads to ascension. I found myself at the whim of challenging people, even toxic people during eclipse cycles that busted me and severely bruised my ego leaving me with resentment and bitterness.

It is only now when I look back do I see the bigger picture and the generosity of the Universe or the Creator to allow me the opportunity to experience the 5th Dimension. Although I consider that people’s idea of the 5th Dimension is that it is blissful. Well, no, it is not. If we carry burdens in the 3rd Dimension, those burdens feel heavier in the higher vibrations. The only way through is to surrender.

After I finally found a new home (a temporary studio), my watch miraculously began working again. Structure returned to my life, even if this left me feeling trapped and in debt. The lesson that I take away is that we can’t force life to happen. We have little control over the events that happen on the ascension path. And for each of us, timelessness shows up in a myriad of ways.

How does it show up for you?


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I'm a former Washingtonian from Washington State, not Washington DC. I currently reside in Pennsylvania, even though my dream was to live and work in Vermont.

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