Intuitive Coaching 101: A Metaphysical Life

owlFor me, metaphysics is not just a lifestyle, it’s my life. Long before, metaphysics evolved into trendy entertainment on YouTube, I read piles of self-help books and I attended dozens of spiritual workshops. I even taught my own workshops working with totem animals and rediscovering the healing power of music.

I explored shamanism, astrology, Tarot, herbalism, and various healing modalities. I practiced Creative Visualization as taught by Shakti Gawain, read Marianne Williamson’s early books, and I read many books by Hay House authors when they were still with other publishers. And most of this I did in secret or only confided with close friends who were also delving into spiritual practices.

I heard some strange lectures and got involved in some weird practices which I later ditched after learning how to practice discernment. In my 20s, I stumbled through past life regressions, fumbled with Tarot cards as I learned how to hone my intuition, and I believed that I would never learn astrology due to its complexities and the older set who set up shop as astrologers (most of which earned degrees in psychology). And since I believed I sucked at math, who would ever imagined me ever taking up astrology as a profession?

Today I am sitting here reassessing my metaphysical tools, skills, and practices that I acquired during the past three decades (yeah, I’m that old). I’m stepping into my mentoring shoes because it’s not enough to have knowledge when experience plays the final card. I practice what I teach. And what I teach is not for the feint of heart. While I’m earning my soul mastership, I enjoy sharing what I learn on this hard road. And it does help to have a sense of humor because those who take this work or themselves too seriously fall and they don’t get back up.

I take this time to thank all my teachers (in the spirit realm and in this one). That includes metaphysical authors, spiritual teachers and counselors, students, friends, workshop presenters, and YouTube hosts. No matter your age or experience you have something wonderful to share. And as time goes on, you’ll redefine your gifts and practices. You’ll change your mind, patterns, and beliefs. The teachings can only find you are at the moment and as you evolve so will your beliefs.

I recall the times I laid on the floor falling the beat of a shaman’s drum as I journeyed to other realms (without herbal enhancements). I recall the first astrologers who read my Natal Chart and thinking that I could never learn astrology. And other changes that I encountered were a change of diet, a change of lifestyle, my Third Eye opening, and Mother Nature pouring through my Crown Chakra. I experienced Oneness many times without trying, spoke to others telepathically and learned to shield myself after working with Archangels.

I’ve spoken to animals, animal spirits, trees, and stones. I discovered my Saami ancestors through a spirit guide (a former Finnish-Saami shaman), I healed my ailments with plant medicine and I visited energy healers on a regular basis. I crossed the Rainbow Bridge and I won’t return to mainstream living. I’ve seen the other side and I’m not fooling myself in thinking I don’t have to clear my energy field before I can cross permanently to the other side. For now, I am a bridge as many Lightworkers are. We intersect between ancient wisdom and the New Earth Age.

All my experiences dovetail into my coaching and channeling. And it’s all good. I don’t regret any of my experiences because otherwise, I wouldn’t be who I am now. And I’m becoming comfortable in my own skin.

Blessings and Namaste.

Feel free to share your experiences below.

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