The Practice–Journey to Healing the Wounded Masculine

nature-3289812_1920One day recently, I decided to play my guitar. So, I strummed it for about fifteen minutes and then put it away–nothing unusual except that I had not practiced in a long while. Then that night I woke up with my right hand twisted around my thumb.

The next morning I noticed my swollen and painful thumb. When I tried to straighten it the joint clicked and hurt like hell. A week went by and my thumb did not heal. Then an insect, probably a spider bit me on my right shoulder–this too hurt. Why was everything happening on my right side?

After I was through feeling sorry for myself, I wiped away my tears of frustration. And then I asked my spirit guides what was going on. And this is where it gets interesting. I had remembered John Newton (Health Beyond Belief) talking about our right side representing our masculine psyche and our left side representing our feminine psyche.

So, then I asked myself why was I being injured on my male side. And the answer came to me as I have a subconscious belief that men are weak. And even when I view a man as a gentle, strong or a good, I still dig around for his weaknesses. Really? So, why I do that? And why have I encountered so many weak men during my lifetime?

And this is the part that is hard to write and that’s because the male authority figures in my life have shown me failure, narcissism, insecurities, disease, emotional imbalance, and did not take responsibility for their actions. This ranges from family members to national governments, teachers, and corporate leaders. I have witnessed many men falling from grace as a child and current events around men trigger this wounding.

Now that I have this information which I dug up from my subconscious I am resolving my patterns and beliefs through forgiveness and other work. And as I am doing this, I encounter other people with injuries or illness on the right side of their bodies. This is not a coincidence since frequencies attract the matching frequencies. There are also soul groups learning the same lessons which eventually heal the collective of humanity.

And yet, as I type these words I do so with my right hand in a nylon brace because my thumb still doesn’t work properly. As I undergo physical therapy and other treatment for my hand, I will continue to heal my male side. For I know that I won’t be reunited with my twin flame until I heal both my masculine and feminine sides. At least I have this new information to work with. (Because what man in his right mind wants to be with a woman who subconsciously finds him weak?)

We are all on this journey of discovery and deep healing. Even if we had healthy-minded and loving parents, we still have wounds within our psyche. Some of us lost parents early in life through death or divorce. Some of us suffered from separation or abuse or neglect. The stories don’t matter so much unless they lead us to the wounds so that we heal those wounds. Then we can ditch the stories and their labels as we wend our way to wholeness and completion of this life spiral.

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I'm a former Washingtonian from Washington State, not Washington DC. I currently reside in Pennsylvania, even though my dream was to live and work in Vermont.

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