Mercury RX coming up in two weeks



I will only be giving eclipse and Natal Chart readings (and pediatric astrology) readings during the Mercury RX period which last from July 26 until August 19, 2018.

This is because when I’ve given transit reports during a Mercury RX they turned out wonky. I have a strong Natal Mercury and Natal Neptune so when Mercury goes RX it has a strong affect on my mind when looking ahead.

I am now two weeks out on astrology readings and it’s almost three weeks. If you would like a hybrid report, it’s best to wait until after August 19. However, if you have already signed up, I will do my best to complete those reports prior to the Mercury RX.

Otherwise, from July 26 to August 19, feel free to sign up for a Natal Chart reading, a partner chart, pediatric astrology (natal) or card readings.

Thank you.

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I reside in the rainy Pacific NW (Washington State) where I write novels, short "green" fiction, and poetry. I also go for walks capturing the beauty around me on my digital and freelance as an arts and culture journalist. When I'm not doing all of the above (and sometimes multi-tasking), I research the healing power of music. You can learn more about that at Whole Music Experience, and I teach workshops on healing with music.

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