Season of Leo–Let Your Inner Child Play!



First, I want to mention that I have been absent from Word Press due to a thumb injury that has lasted for two+ months. But at least for today, I’m back because Archangel Metatron has a message about allowing the inner child to play.

He says that adults are taking life to seriously these days and that seriousness which surfaces in worry, doubt, cynicism, too much analytical thinking lowers the vibration on the planet. This seriousness causes stress for the Earth and the creatures upon the Earth. So, during this time of the playful Lion, let’s head to the metaphorical playground or at least get out some thick children’s crayons and have some fun.

Here are a few suggestions Metatron has for us:

Buy a bottle of blowing bubbles and carry them in your backpack. Then at impromptu times get the bottle out and blow some bubbles. And look who shows up.

Color in a children’s coloring book.

Play cards with a children’s deck of cards with your friends

Cook a meal with big food such as making a soup with large chunks of vegetables or make a salad with whole vegetables (such as radishes, baby carrots, sweet peppers, and peas)

Go for a day hike without any electronic devices and rediscover the natural world

Collect shells and stones on a beach

Photograph a city scape or your friends with a children’s camera

Play with puppies or kittens

Visit a small pet store

Organize a play group for adults and head to a playground, zoo, or amusement park

Watch a children’s movie

Play music


Go camping (low-tech style)

The list goes on. Metatron says that this is the season to get creative and play around with crafts and art too. And in the theme of not taking ourselves seriously, make things for the sake of fun and not to sell them or hang them in a gallery. The sloppier the better, says Metatron.

Make a collage or finger paint and then hang your work on your refrigerator. And if you have gold stars, stick a few on to your work. And write, “Good job.”

So, get off the couch (and away from the TV), hook a leash on the dog, and get out and play!


Patricia is an astrologer, channel, and coach. Sign up for a personal reading at Whole Astrology or watch her podcasts on YouTube (Astrologer Patricia and on the Higher Self channel).





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