Planet Alert—Jupiter Transits into Sagittarius in November 2018

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On November 8, 2018, Jupiter transits into its own sign, Sagittarius. This is big news despite Jupiter changing signs every 12 months because both Jupiter and Sagittarius rule “big” through their expansiveness and even hyperbole associated with Sagittarius.

Since Sagittarius rules religion, the legal system, higher education (academic), the world stage, foreign travel, ethnic groups, ideologies, philosophy, and foreign languages as in long-distance communication, we can expand all of those areas or we exaggerate them. So we get the giantic house, the gigantic car, the supersize meal and that sort of thing. Sarcasm also becomes the norm and can be quite hurtful for the more sensitive types of people.

Improv comedy sees its heyday again. And everyone thinks that they are hilarious even when they are actually blunt and hurtful at times. And while you would think that Jupiter in Sagittarius would promote tolerance it could actually does the opposite. Remember the intolerance of different ethnic groups and religious affiliations that surfaced when Saturn was in Sagittarius? While Saturn restricted behaviors and the expression of beliefs, Jupiter will create heated situations where people feel ridiculed or attacked. Remember the French movie, Ridicule?

Since Jupiter expands what it touches, racism and other forms of intolerance could actually explode in our faces. And for those of you who work as new age or alternative spiritual teachers, coaches, or channels, you could actually become the target of religious zealots or people coming after you with legal suits. This is not a warning to tell you to switch careers. Keep going and keep the faith in what you are doing if you are honest and teaching with integrity. Charlatans will get flushed out at during this 12-month Jupiter transit. And we already see Pope Francis, a Sagittarius, being called to the carpet about sexual abuse that took place among Catholic clergy.

So, expect top religious figures to come under scrutiny too. But if you are a new age practitioner or you just dabble in metaphysics, find your center and grounding so that you are not tossed off course by cyber and other bullies. Jupiter in Sagittarius could end up resembling a witch hunt, but if you heal your triggers around shame and guilt, you will ride the storm unscathed. This is the Jupiter in Sagittarius initiation. And it is a baptism by fire.

Between now and November 8, work on the following so that you keep your faith in yourself alive and don’t toss in the towel due to snarky trolls who in most cases have a bark that is worse than the bite.

  • Heal your core issues around guilt and shame
  • Do your forgiveness work now
  • Keep your ego in check
  • Delve into the true reason you do your work
  • Be honest with yourself and don’t take any spiritual shortcuts
  • Walk your talk
  • Don’t bring up topics you have no personal experience with unless you are a journalist interviewing an expert
  • Go deeper into your personal and academic education
  • Get credentials if you need them
  • Put together a support team of people you can trust
  • Set strong boundaries and use discernment
  • Avoid sacarcasm with clients and viewers of your videos
  • Don’t make exaggerated claims and check your facts
  • Don’t fight back online with bullies (report or flag them instead)
  • Take death threats seriously and report them to authorities (instead of joking about them or making public comments about them)
  • Refrain from acting like a victim (this causes more bullying)
  • Don’t leave provocative comments on other people’s videos (this could upset a bully who decides to follow you)
  • If you feel a need to block someone from your feed or channel, do it immediately
  • Do regular introspective checks on yourself to make sure you are in integrity with your work

If you have more to add to this list to help the community of spiritual teachers, healers, and coaches, feel free to leave a comment below.

I am an astrologer, coach, and spiritual channel. You can sign up for readings at Whole Astrology.

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