Intuitive Coaching 101: Finding Magic in Every Day

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The difference between some old and some new souls is that older souls see beauty in both the profound and the mundane. An old soul sees the stars in a leaf or an apple. The old soul finds chunks of Jasper and quartz in gravel or beach rocks. And the old soul feels the powerful communication coming from the natural kingdoms.

And it’s good that us old souls see and sense this magic in everyday situations because otherwise we would grow bored with life on this planet quickly. Old souls don’t care about the lives of celebrities or follow their local or national sports teams as if it is a fever they want to catch. In fact, it is the very attitude of communicating with the natural world and seeing the bigger picture that sets old souls apart.

And since they realize the people around them aren’t seeing the world in Technicolor, they opt to spend time alone or they lose themselves in fantasies of meeting people just like them.

So, what are some of the ways old souls find magic in their everyday experiences?

  • They enjoy strolls alone or with a dog companion
  • They love the various architecture and structures in their communities
  • They enjoy photography and other art forms
  • They enjoy hiking, kayaking, and other outdoor activities
  • They know where their food comes from and enjoy growing it
  • They know their totem and power animals
  • They identify with Indigenous cultures
  • They are rock hounds or gem specialists
  • They collect feathers, leaves, acorns, and pinecones
  • They are metaphysical (even if they don’t tell you)
  • They have vivid past life memories as Indigenous people
  • They are often healers or shamans (even if they don’t know it yet)
  • They often feel like they don’t fit in with their family or community
  • They enjoy traveling
  • They would feel at home in a trailer, yurt, tiny house, cabin or rustic cottage (or tree house)
  • They are tree huggers and animal advocates
  • They use plant medicine
  • They are on a quest for wisdom


If you believe that you are an old soul, start cultivating the above activities and reach out to others who also have those interests and practices. Build your own community where you show up authentically and enjoy mutual love and reaspect.

I am a teacher, coach and astrologer who is also an old soul. Sign up for readings at Whole Astrology. I would be happy to work with you.

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I'm a former Washingtonian from Washington State, not Washington DC. I currently reside in Pennsylvania, even though my dream was to live and work in Vermont.

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