Intuitive Coaching–Favorite Card Decks (and some personal history)



My journey into card reading began in the early 1990s when I visited a hole-in-the-wall spiritual shop in the Public Market in Seattle. This was my first exposure to tarot cards. And my first official tarot reading happened in the basement of the public market in 1992 when a friend recommended a tarot reader to me.

He had a table set up in a hallway of the market. It felt like walking a maze to find this reader. I remember that he was somewhat older than me, probably in his late 30s and he had a beard which reminded me of a character from the Rider Waite deck.

At the time of that reading, I was leaving stable employment because the work environment had caused an illness for me. And I remember the card reader telling me that I would learn a craft or skill that I could do from home to pay my bills. The only freelancing I performed prior that time was as a rock musician and as a rock music journalist–neither of which paid my bills.

For many years after receiving this reader’s advice, I honed skills I could do from home, never seriously imagining that I would become an astrologer and card reader myself. I was deeply co-dependent at that time that I would give my power away to card readers and astrologers. And I also developed an addiction to card readings which I constantly gave to my self. Not that I was the only one addicted to divination tools because I knew of another woman addicted to I Ching. She wouldn’t make any decision without first going OCD with her coins.

My first decks were oracle cards and then in 1994, I bought my first tarot deck, a tiny Rider Waite deck. Since I did become addicted to my oracle cards and tarot cards, I ended up destroying one deck (Russian Gypsy oracle cards) and I sold my other decks. But then, years later, I started reading from Hay House decks. And I gained maturity and wisdom that caused me to act more responsibly with my decks. I have around 30 decks at this time. I am considering culling the decks.

With all my experience with the cards, I know when I have a winner as far as decks are concerned. A winning deck for me gives me clear and immediate responses to my questions and the inquiries of my clients. And the two most powerful decks among the 30 decks (this is an approximate number because some of my decks are in storage), are both by psychic-medium Sandra Anne Taylor.

This includes the Akashic Tarot by Taylor and her sister Anne Klingler and the Energy Oracle cards. I also want to say that I had quick readings from the two sisters back when I listened to Hay House Radio (around 2013) and I can vouch for their integrity and passion for their work. These sisters won’t ever veer off course and switch religions on us and then tell us to never use their decks again. We are in no danger there (we all know who I’m referring to).

And this is important since card decks range from $14 to $30. And with this current economy, so we want to purchase the most accurate decks created by teachers and psychics with integrity and a sense of humanity. Not only that, if you visit any new age shop, you’ll be faced with choosing a deck from literally walls and shelves of decks. And this is not to say that the decks that work for me will be perfect for you. We’re all different representing diverse energies.

So, first, I give you my top five decks. And then I’ll give tips on choosing the right decks for you.

My 5 Favorite Decks

  1. Energy Oracle by Sandra Anne Taylor
  2. Akashic Tarot by Sandra Anne Taylor and Anne Klingler
  3. Morgan-Greer by Bill Greer
  4. The wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron Reid
  5. The Good Tarot by Colette Baron Reid


Tips for Choosing the Right Card Deck

  1. Look up card decks online (and if possible do sample reads)
  2. Check out decks at new age shops (do sample reads with the cards)
  3. Hold the box of cards next to your heart and see if they resonate with you
  4. Watch card reading videos on YouTube and on Facebook (and other social media)
  5. Visit publishers of card deck sites (and do sample reads if possible)
  6. Look for images that speak to your heart
  7. Read the biographies of the card creators (do they resonate with you?)
  8. See which decks keep showing up with synchronicity
  9. Choose decks that appear in your dreams

If you are already a professional card reader you realize the importance of choosing the right decks. The cards should perform well with your intuitive gifts and reading or divination style. You should never have to sit with the cards for long periods (more than five minutes) without images, sensations, or words appearing. And we must feel comfortable or at-home with the deck.

I have a few dud decks in my collection which I only keep because I enjoy the artwork on the cards. Remember if the intention of the creator of the cards was just to sell a deck as entertainment or as if it were a book and not a magical tool then the deck won’t perform well. Some decks are only made for collectors and other decks are fine novelties but useless for working with clients. I have an astrology card deck which has trickster energy. It’s a beautiful deck but useless with my work. If only I had followed my own advice for choosing decks!

And one last word of advice, decide what type of energy you want to work with. Is it angel energy, fairy energy, Gaia energy, the Divine Feminine energy, unicorns or dragons? Once you determine that part, you narrow down your choices making it much easier to acquire your perfect card deck.

And if you would like one of my expert card readings using one or more of my favorite decks, sign up for a reading at Whole Astrology.

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