Intuitive Coach 101: 10 Practices that Slow Down Ascension

fscn5977We’re all ascending. It’s not a race but a process. People who are in the first waves of ascenders are not more special than those who ascend later. Another person’s ascension journey is none of our business unless we are a spiritual teacher or healer and they are our clients.

It is easy to fall off a spiritual path as it is too easy to fall of a life path. And if you fall off your path, reflect on your behavior. And work on changing the following 10 practices.

Eliminate these 10 behaviors:

1. Using the Law of Attraction as a consumer or consumption magnet. The reason why this is on the list is that the best use of the Law of Attraction is to align with healing ourselves and the collective. LoA becomes an addiction when it is turned to manifesting things and many things people choose to manifest are destructive to the environment. If anything, remember to tag on the phrase, “For the highest and best for all concerned.”

2. Stop obsessing about meeting a twin flame and just go on and live your life. If you are meant to connect with a twin flame it is always in Divine Timing. You cannot increase the speed of the meeting by obsessing about when it is going to happen. Avoid this addictive pitfall, and heal your heart. That’s when the magic happens.

3. Stop repressing your shadows and watch your judgments of others. That’s where your shadows exist. Meet and befriend your shadows. They are actually sacred gifts.

4. Heal the guilt and shame traps. These are usually attached to your shadows and deepest wounds. Some shame and guilt comes from ancestors and is passed down from parents to children. Release your burdens through ancestral DNA clearing and other cleansing modalities. Forgive yourself and forgive the ones who shamed you.

5. Stop refusing to acknowledge your wounds and live in denial of them. This is another way of giving your power away. This practice lowers your self-confidence and leaves you feeling like a victim. It also makes you vulnerable to narcissists.

6. Stop eating low-frequency foods. Yes, I know that superfoods and organic foods are expensive, but healthy food is going to cost more, just like a quality item costs more than junk. If you use the Law of Attraction for anything let it be for non-GMO food and superfoods. And what this comes down to is how much you value your physical body and your ascension process.

The other thing I want to say about this is that some superfoods are regular vegetables such as kale, sweet potatoes, coconut, and berries. And if you are unable to purchase a regular rainbow of vegetables and fruits, then purchase a quality green and vegetable powder (that is organic). I’ve seen these going for $20.00 a container. It’s a good $20 spent and some of these powders are covered by SNAP in the US.

Cut out the soda pop, candy, and chips (except for the quality organic chips cooked in coconut oil). Prioritize healthy foods and you’ll actually eat less. And purchase a high-quality whole foods supplement if you don’t use protein powders.

7. Replace pharma drugs with natural remedies. Do this with your alternative doctor. You might have to switch doctors. Conventional medicine, for the most part, is low-frequency. Personally, I avoid as much of it as possible. And I have not taken a pharma drug since 1994 (with the exception of an asthma inhaler which I’ve used sparingly).

This statement is not a substitute for medical advice. When you make this switch work with a natural doctor or energy healer (which I am not).

8. Stop listening to “junk” music. You know what I’m referring to. This represents songs with racists, sexist, or hateful lyrics. And you also don’t want a regular diet of breakup songs or protest songs (although they are helpful once in a while). Substitute with classical, world music, some jazz, and even some of the more divinely inspired pop songs. Trust the sensations in your body.

And the other thing I want to say is that less is more. I never think that it is a good idea to saturate ourselves with music throughout the day. We need to enjoy silence too as well as, the sounds of nature.

9. Spend less time with electronic devices. Instead, spend more time in the natural world or doing things the old fashion way such as reading a regular book or playing records or CDs on an old-style player.  You don’t need to check your e-mail or phone messages every five minutes unless someone’s life depends on it. Take a break.

10. Stop allowing others to dictate your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Become the own captain of your ship. Set boundaries and know where you begin and end. Yes, we are all a member of the collective but we are also individual spokes in the wheel. You are here to shine as yourself.

Bonus: Stop drinking water with Fluoride and chlorine. Spend the extra money on purified water refills. Most grocery stores now provide pure water stations where you can refill your containers. Fluoride is a death blow to the Third-Eye. And you need full access to your Third-Eye to ascend, as far as I know.

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