Neptune Girl–My Top 6 Astrologers for 2019




Actually, I’m presenting my short list of favorite YouTube astrologers in this post. And I wanted to stick to a diverse list including men and women as well as, younger and older astrologers.

Despite the popularity of astrology on YouTube, astrology is still considered a fringy esoteric practice. When we mention that we’re astrologers to the average person, we often get lumped in with the dark side of spirituality, to put it mildly. Or people roll their eyes and call us woo-woo. But astrology was once considered a science. And the calculations require mathematical skills (and I thought I sucked at math).

Most astrologers, including me, studied astrology for several years, if not decades before setting up our professional practice. Some astrologers lean toward technique and logic while other astrologers combine channeling with technical brilliance. Some astrologers deliver the transits in a subdued style while others like the Leo King, deliver the horoscopes like a rock performer. Some astrologers are exotic and others remind us of the next door neighbor inviting us over for a cup of tea.

As an astrologer, I turn to my colleagues to go deeper on this path (I learn from them). I don’t view them as competitors but as a collective of souls who are obsessed with the planets and wise about the stars. And with no further delay, here is my list for 2019.

Wonder Girl–True to her Gemini Sun Sign, this young self-taught astrologer has the technology side handled. Her YouTube presentation blows my mind as she works with a camera and a tablet against a white background. And she has the business side covered too. But what I like most about Wonder Girl is her confidence and her attention to details which are also Gemini traits. She possesses excellent communication skills even if she talks quickly (Gemini/Mercury). This astrologer has a bright future ahead of her.

Astrologer Veerle–I subscribed to Veerle’s YouTube channel around 2012 or 2013. Mercury is also her ruler because she has a Virgo Sun (as far as I know). She offers a variety of videos ranging from the monthly moon forecasts to special transits. She also offers horoscopes for each of the signs each month. What I like most about Veerle are her European sensibilities and her technical knowledge.

Pam Gregory--I discovered Pam Gregory last year or possibly 2017. What I admire about Pam is her unflinching gaze at climate, politics, and personal astrology. When I first learned astrology, I discovered two schools. The first one revolved around astrological predictions for romance, career, and lifestyle.

And the second school veered away from the everyday predictions and focused upon Gaia, societal corruption, and ascension. Pam isn’t just knowledgeable, she is a wise woman, and an elder or mentor astrologer. She combines mastery with fascinating interpretations of the planetary transits and she cares about the planet. And you can’t beat the English accent in which she delivers the astrological news.

Gregory Scott–It’s been a while since I’ve watched one of Gregory’s delightful astrology videos. And he’s the only male astrologer on my list. He has an introverted and sensitive style of delivery that reminds me of Hugh Grant. And he also knows his way around the planets. When I first started watching his videos in 2013, I believe, I mainly did so for entertainment. But the more I dove into astrology, I realized his accuracy. He also does card readings.

Kelley Rosano (a tie with Jean Wiley)–Kelley is also one of the first astrologers I discovered on YouTube. She has a larger-than-life personality with plenty of Leo humor tossed into the mix. She also knows her way around the Zodiac wheel and she delivers the astrology news with pizzazz. She even wore a Wonder Woman costume in one of her videos. As far as accuracy, she’s spot-on. She’ll let you know about important transits and the ways they will transform your life.

Jean Wiley–If I had to guess Jean’s Sun Sign or Rising Sign, I would guess Leo. Jean is another astrologer that you can take to the bank, as far as accuracy. She also provides insightful interpretations to the current transits that keep me tuned into her videos. Similar to Kelley, Jean’s videos feel welcoming as if you are having a private reading at her home office.

So, that ends my astrologer round-up for 2019. And please, also check out my YouTube channel, Astrologer Patricia. Or sign up for a reading at Whole Astrology.

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