Neptune Girl–Astrology for this New Age


I have noticed that for several years as more people shift consciousness, that old-school astrology no longer works. When I refer to old school astrology, I’m mainly talking about predictions. We live in a quantum age that involves multiple timelines and multiple scenarios.

So, if we visit an astrologer or even a card reader today and the astrologer or card reader predicts that we’ll meet a partner in three months, this prediction might not happen. As we shift our consciousness and work through the layers of trauma or stories in our subconscious minds, or clear ancestral DNA, we change our trajectory. We collapse timelines, or we jump timelines making the original prediction null-and-void.

Where does that leave us in the world of metaphysics? Well, first, we become the captains of our own ships. We stop relying on outer circumstances and outer voices to definine our destiny. Oddly, I have had few predictions manifest for me and I’ve been to adept psychics over the past decades. What they say manifests for 85% of their clients. I experienced frustration when those predictions did not come to pass for me, but now, I know that was an important life lesson for me. Psychics don’t work for everyone, and especially not for those of us who came here to reclaim our personal power.

This brings me to astrology for the quantum age. This new astrology works with the power and energies of the planets; the the planet transits in a Natal or a Transit chart. Instead of seeing the old themes, we experience the sensations and vibrations of the planets as they shape and shift a soul/client. We focus on the most powerful transits at that moment and give an energy reading.

And this energy reading is all encompassing. It might look at potential careers based on the soul blueprint of the client. It might bring up a list of healing herbs and practices. It might even lead to working with totem animals and shamanism. I have also found that most of my current clients have similar themes in their charts as in bigger themes of what the planet current requires in the way of service. Most of the clients are most likely part of the same soul tribe too.

The clients all have a gift for communication and especially, a gift for writing. They are all dealing with boundary issues and reclaiming their personal power. I’m sure this is not a coincidence. This brings up that astrologers and card readers don’t need to compete for business. We attract our soul tribes and yes, many astrologers are members of the same soul tribes. This benefits us because the cooperative model makes us stronger. We learn from each other and we create new trends and movements in the metaphysical field. We combine our unique gifts. We also give referrals when necessary to each other.

I posted the following video on my YouTube channel about new astrology and I was pleased with the comments I received.

If you would like to try out this new astrology (or stick with the traditional methods), sign up for a reading. 

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