Intuitive Coaching 101–Journaling Spirit



We know that we connect to Source or our spirit guides through numerous practices. Some people prefer sitdown meditation while other people throw the cards, and still, other people keep a journal as they channel spiritual information.

I highly recommend keeping a journal next to your pillow or near your bed. You’ll find many uses for this journal including interpreting dreams, channeling your spirit guides at four a.m., or practicing automatic writing as you converse with your Higher Self.

The journal ranges from a cheap spiral-bound notebook you pick up at a discount store to a hand-sewn beauty gifted to you by a dear friend. Thrift stores often have a section where they sell diaries and journals, usually near the arts and crafts items. Or maybe you find a blank journal in an antique or vintage store. Just make sure that you don’t mind writing in it and even drawing in it.

Speaking of drawing in the journal, if writing is not your forte than make collages or sketches of your dreams or visions. I do prefer keeping a journal for writing since writing activates the flowing part of the brain and helps us get heart-centered.

Journal Spirit 

  • Record your dreams and interpretations
  • Keep track of synchronicity and repeated numbers
  • Get in touch with your Totem Animals and Spirit Guides
  • Write down your progress on a spiritual path or self-healing program
  • Paste favorite passages from books or poems
  • Write down the results of card readings
  • Write down your favorite prayers and meditations
  • Keep a daily record of your spiritual channeling sessions

Even if you prefer not to write, do it anyway. No one but you reads your journal. Treat it as a sacred space you share only with God and your spirit guides. We all need a space to express our deepest emotions, desires, and intentions where no one else treads.

Sign up for a personal coaching session and learn many tips to create your sacred space and moments. I combine astrology, channeling, and card readings as well as, tips for creativity.

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