Neptune Girl Astrology–The Cancer Woman in the Corner


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You might have read Linda Goodman’s “Sun Signs” at some point in your life. You might remember the shy and patient Cancerian woman described in the book. Flash forward to the 2019 DNC presidential candidate debates and notice the Cancerian woman hidden in the corner of the stage. Her name is Marianne Williamson and if you’re a lightworker, here’s why you must support her presidential bid.

While she might have stood in the humble shadows of the other candidates, Williamson is a multiple best-selling author, a Unitarian Church reverend, a humanitarian-activist and a business woman.  She is also a fellow lightworker and Indigo Starseed.

Not only did she show patience and diplomacy, Williamson held the light on the stage and with her platform based on the Course of Miracles and other spiritual teachings she mastered along the way. While the other candidates were bringing up their childhood wounds with authority figures (Cancer Sun squaring Chiron in Aries), Williamson kept her cool and bided her time. Then when she delivered her responses–they were even-tempered and articulate.

But because she’s not a political player like Senator Kamala Harris (who might also be an Indigo Starseed), or Senator Bernie Sanders or former Vice President Joe Biden (who seemed the most wounded of all the candidates on the stage), she was overlooked by the journalists.

You’re probably wondering why I’m bringing up politics in the same breath as lightworkers. And here’s the thing. Lightworkers are not just spiritual teachers, healers, yoga teachers, or new age authors. Lightworkers are also community leaders, activists, musicians, authors, business people, and farmers. They are engineers, architects, doctors, lawyers, and philanthropists. And in Williamson’s case she is a spiritual teacher sacrificing her life to serve the US to get the country back on the ascension path.

She offers the opportunity for us to elect a lightworker as the US President which is the opposite of the shadow and darkness that currently resides in the White House. We require a new vision that heals from the bottom upwards. But we need to take a leap of faith and stop playing the two-party political game or the lesser of two evils. We must get out of our heads and into our hearts.

People keep saying that we have entered a new age but we keep singing the same song from the patriarchal past. When will humanity release itself from the grips of those old destructive programs–in other words brainwashing? What’s it going to take for people to wake up and enter the Aquarius Age which looks nothing like anything that has come before it? Even the planets align for us to take a radical approach. And radical is not following the party lines and living in the box because it feels comfortable. I doubt when we drill down that we find it comfortable.

Do we want this planet to become unliveable? Do we want more people to live in cars and on the streets? Do we want people to go without healthcare or to die from overdoses or suicides or worse yet, homicide? What is your biggest vision for this country?

So, lighworkers, look among you for the Starseed leaders. And don’t expect them to do the work by themselves. You also need to get suited up and in the game. Our lives depend on it. Stop singing the same tune expecting different results. Yes, I know Williamson is running as a Democrat, but she’s more than that. She is a lightworker who believes in our potential. Do the other candidates even care about us or are they too focused on their plans for the future?




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