Neptune Girl Astrology–10 Reasons You Need to Learn Astrology

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Why do you need to learn astrology? If you want to know yourself better, make a healthy career and lifestyle choices, or even know your children better, than learning astrology acts as a lifeline. But there’s more…

If you believe that the world doesn’t revolve around the stars, you are partially wrong. If you failed to notice the timing of giant corporations making major decisions or changing their formats coinciding with eclipses or Mercury retrograde then you live in the dark.

It’s not a coincidence that the royal wedding of Dianna Spencer and Prince Charles occurred during a void-of-course Moon (bound to fail). And it’s not a coincidence that Facebook makes structural changes every time Mercury goes retrograde. In addition, research Moon phases and planetary retrogrades when major contenders place their bids for high political office. The higher up someone is on the ladder, you can bet they consult with astrologers as part of their action plan.

For some people, astrology is just another tool for successful campaigns or businesses. For others, it represents a spiritual path to mastership. Psychologists and energy healers sometimes refer to astrological terminology and tools to enhance their practice. Meanwhile, the average person wings it through life thinking that astrology won’t serve their highest good so why bother learning it?

The mistake the media made with astrology is to dwindle it into the shavings of Zodiac Sun Signs. But if you’re following this blog, you know that astrology revolves around several planets, 12 Zodiac Signs, houses and aspects. And for those who spent years learning astrology dig much deeper than that.

Here are 10 Reasons Everyone Needs to Learn Astrology

1. As above so is below which means that each of us carries the signatures of the planets in our Natal Chart.  Just like everyone has unique fingerprints we all have a unique soul blueprint hidden in the symbols of your Natal Chart. Learning the basic astrology about yourself gives you an advantage.

2. Your career path relies on the soul blueprint in your Natal Chart

Many people allow other people choose their careers or they take the route that is in front of them without much consideration. Then these people grow bored and restless because they’re not on the right career path. Cut to the chase and consult an astrologer or learn the basics to read your chart.

3. All cities, states, provinces, and countries have Charts

If you plan on relocating to another place or even take a vacation, consulting an astrologer who specializes in relocation charts (and places where you will reap the most benefits) gives you an advantage.

4. Astrology helps you pinpoint health issues (and body weaknesses)

By revealing to you which parts of your body require reinforcement and medical attention. Each Zodiac Sign has its share of health concerns, however, by knowing yours you avoid ill health or navigate successfully through the worst of it.

5. Learn the soul blueprints of your children

This is done through learning about pediatric astrology where you uncover your child’s unique gifts and weaknesses, including parts of the body that leads to illness if not addressed.

6. Astrology helps you choose the best wedding dates

It also helps you choose the right time to launch a business, start a new career, send out resumes, or to lay low so that you can rest and gather strength.

7. Astrology helps you find friends and partners who are compatible with you

Think of all the years of grief you could avoid if you had not married the abuser or narcissist. Astrology helps you avoid the pitfalls in any relationship.

8. Learning astrology connects you to the Universe

By learning about the planets, asteroids, and fixed stars, you feel unconditional love towards them. You realize that they would never steer you wrong and that planetary transits have your best interest at heart. But if you fail to interpret the messages from the planets, then life seems like a struggle.

9. Knowing astrology helps you come up with alternatives (when the planets are not in alignment with you)

There are times when I need to make a major decision and Mercury is retrograde and I’m in the shadow of an eclipse (as is happening now). I understand under those circumstances that whatever I sign onto at that point won’t last more than three to six months. However, knowing that information going into the decision, I consider backup plans and set a strategy in place to deal with the inevitable. It’s the same for everyone.

10. Astrology empowers us

The quickest route to knowing your core self is through understanding your Natal Chart. Yes, I recommend consulting with astrologers. However, what good is consulting an astrologer steeped in the technical language of the practice if you don’t even know what an aspect or a Natal House is?

Since the age of ten, I was called to learn astrology. While I never thought I would become an astrologer I dabbled in it and I read the tomes. It has been immensely useful to me and is equivalent to knowing a foreign language. It’s much easier for me to converse with metaphysical practitioners by knowing this ancient practice.

After all, our destiny truly is written in the stars and astrology holds the keys and the codes.

Sign up for personal reading or astrology one-on-one lessons with me. I’m currently restructuring my practice but for the time being, you can sign up at Whole Astrology. And my fee is currently $100 an hour through PayPal. Lessons are by Skype or in-person if you are in western Washington State.



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