Whole Astrology–5 Planets in Earth and Water (Jupiter through Pluto)

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When Jupiter moves into Capricorn on December 2, all the outer planets from Jupiter to Pluto will be in Earth and Water Signs. Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto transit in Earth Signs and Neptune continues to sail in its sign, Pisces. This creates flow in spirituality and in material wealth.

However, last time Jupiter transited in Capricorn, humanity sunk into the illusion of lack and limitation then stayed there. So, if Jupiter completes the cycle will we finally grab onto the concept of infinite abundance and prosperity instead of the model of competition and finite resources?

I sat by the shoreline a few days ago contemplating the abundance of seaweed and shell fish that peppered the beach. It wasn’t that long ago in human terms that the Indigenous people cultivated these riches from the sea and lived an abundant life of the ocean and its gifts. When we gaze at the night sky we also see an abundance of stars blinking down at us. We have infinite angels dancing around us. Count the hairs on a dog or a cat or your own head (if you still have hair) and contemplate the abundance.

Why would abundance of seaweed be different than an abundance of food, shelter, and clean water? Why does humanity continue to focus on divisiveness and competing through war and bullying? I’m sure you have noticed this greed played out in your community with unscrupulous landlords and business people. Or this greed can even play out in our own minds when we exploit our talents or the talents of others without proper compensation.

With the last glimmers of Jupiter in Sagittarius it’s time to wake up to the myriad of ways abundance shows up in the world from the blades of grass to delight. Instead of exploiting others, show them courtesy. Truly love your enemy. I know this isn’t easy but it is the road of the Spiritual Master. Instead of fighting the enemy or getting even, send them love. Surround your enemy in a mist of love. Surround them in the Violet Flame or Rainbow Light. What you send out comes back to you one-hundred fold. This is a Universal Law.

I’m speaking from experience. I raged against a person (who I won’t name) for the past several weeks. I liberated myself from this person’s need to control and manipulate others. I faced my fears and leaped into the unknown and as I write these words, I am without a home. So, I could exact revenge on this person for injustice that I experienced. Or I can do as Metatron and Raphael asked me to do and send this woman love. No, this higher path isn’t easy.

And when others also tried to engage me in drama or a battle I’ve chosen the higher road. You can do the same.  When you meditate send love and do forgiveness prayers too. Then, go off and do the things that bring you passion and delight. When you forgive others and send them love, it frees your mind space to fill with the things you love instead of the ways you want to avenge this person who hurt you.

Are you up for the challenge? The outer planets ask us to reinvent reality now. They planets sailing through Earth and Water ask us to ground our desires and to do the forgiveness work. Act as if the world you dream of already exists because it does in a quantum reality. If you would like to witness a peaceful world then be the peace through forgiveness and love. Surrender all bitterness to God and tastes the sweetness of the Universe. It’s time to birth a new world. And so it is.

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