Intuitive Coaching 101–Invest in Self-Discovery (Get an Astrology Reading)

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In my quest for spiritual wisdom and ascension, I have known many teachers, healers, and diviners. I have experienced numerous astrology and card readers (not just from one reader and only one time). Yet, I’ve met “spiritual seekers” who are satisfied with a single astrology reading they had done for them a decade ago. Please…

Astrology is a journey and not a destination. We are all transforming into lighter beings during a massive planetary shift. If astrology is one of your self-exploration tools, then go beyond signing up for a single reading each year. With powerful transits occurring daily, weekly, and definitely monthly (just the Moons alone), how can one reading a year, or worse, a lifetime suffice?

Personally, I consider myself an astrology coach and not a one-time destination. There is no way on this Earth that I can tell you everything I see in your chart and in the transits during one sitting. In fact, after a one-hour session, I’m still warming up and only getting started. Any client serious about their life journey needs to invest in not only astrology readings, but also energy healings, retreats, meditation teachers, and the right books.

I had the luxury of cruising through decades of spiritual workshops, and occasionally receiving healing or getting an intuitive reading by an expert. That was then and this is now. After 2012 and the emergence of this Golden Age, more is required of a spiritual seeker than ever. And spiritual teachers, astrologers, and healers have also increased their wisdom and their ability to coach instead of just inform.

Our job is to meld our guides with your Higher Self. We are confirming what you already know but that you don’t trust in yourself. No healer or teacher worth her weight in gold should ever take the personal power away from a client. It is our job to meld our wisdom with the client’s inner knowing. We are meant to guide and not push a client in a direction that the client knows is not in her best interest.

However, coaching comes in stages as the client works through one issue and reclaims personal power step-by-step. The coach’s job is to give support and to call the client on his issues and shadows. The coach does not resist the shadows but helps the client to integrate shadows into the light to make them whole.

This morning two spirit guides that popped in for a spiritual chat (Louise Hay and Linda McCartney), showed me the poster of the original movie Grease. They focused on Olivia Newton John’s character who started out as the pretty people-pleaser who transformed into a woman who entertained her shadow side. The guides asked me which character I found more alluring (the people-pleaser or the bad girl) and I chose the character reclaiming her shadow side.

The reason why so many of us feel exhausted is that we spend our energy resisting our shadows. We wear too many labels that keep us stuck in a box. We cannot wear labels and integrate our shadows at the same time. “Good girls” don’t entertain their shadows because that would garner the disproval of others. But consider that we’re not fully human until we integrate all of us into our authentic selves. Who cares what others think about us?

Astrological exploration is a journey and not a destination. I understand that astrology sessions are expensive, but they are one of the best investments you could ever make in yourself. Think of an astrologer as an interpreter of planetary languages. This is not easy to do and many astrologers studied for decades before they opened shop. Consider investing in your spiritual journey. After all, the astrologer is investing in you with her time and expertise. It’s a fair exchange.

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