Shifting Fear into Love & Excitement

Many spiritual teachers remind us that we live during exciting times. But on some days it’s like we’re living out the plot of a thriller, and in some cases, a horror movie. We find ourselves acting more out of stupidity than logic. We forget about our gifts of intuition and discernment. So, how do we get back on track and shift energy from fear to love and understanding?



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As I’m writing this article, the world has fallen into fear over a virus, related to the cold and treated as if it is an outbreak of Eboli. People whip out their toxic disinfectants and hand-sanitizers while forgetting that they are causing damage to the environment, and especially aquatic life. This fear mentality is what causes farmers to douse crops with cancerous chemicals. This fear is what is behind chemtrails, nuclear weapons, and it can only lead to our demise in the long run and probably the short turn.

What causes this fear? Our personal traumas play a part or perhaps, memories of the plague in past lifetimes. But we’re not only dealing with a “scary” virus (which has been completely seen out of perspective), but also the sins of government leaders and corporations. The media stirs the stew of fear and anxiety further with tense voices (that sound like the narration to a thriller) and images that get locked in our brain for a lifetime. We fall prey to programming by the media, government leaders, and fear-mongers out to get you to buy and use their poisonous products. Fear renders people completely mindless, the last thing we need at this juncture where the planet is shifting into a new reality that humans co-create.

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Astrological transits could lead to our mass healing of consciousness and the shift into the New Earth. But again, we must become mindful of the programs running our lives in the foreground and in the background of our subconscious minds. This can be accomplished with astrology and other types of therapies combined. Right now, Mercury is retrograde in the trickster sign, Pisces and the Sun and Neptune (the ruler of Pisces) is also in the sign of The Fish. These are markers for leaving the Pisces Age and entering more deeply into the Aquarius Age, especially, since at the end of March, both Mars and Saturn transit into Aquarius. And at the year’s end, Jupiter and Saturn (after a retrograde back into Capricorn) move into Aquarius. In a few years’ time, Pluto transits into Aquarius for a long stay.

As we enter March, we experience exact conjunction with the Sun and Neptune on the 8th. Now, this could either bring clarity and enlightenment or it could cause us to fall deeper into the addictions destroying this planet or escapism or paranoid fantasies that cause us to act out with more harm to others. On the following day, Mercury goes direct at 12 degrees Pisces (12 is the number of the disciples and learning) and we experience the Virgo Full Moon which either brings solutions and resolution while combining intuition with discernment. Or this full Moon brings an overkill of disinfectants in the environment that harms aquatic life and renders are immune systems ineffective to fight even stronger viruses coming up in the future.

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Since I grew up in over sanitized environments when I visited England in 1991, I caught a bad cold on the airplane and then later I experienced food poisoning. Oddly, I also experienced food poisoning a few days before I left for England while I was still in the US. Had I worked on building my immunity rather than over disinfecting everything, I would have not experienced those infections.

So, here are some tips to transmute fear into love.

  1. Put on some music and dance for at least 20 minutes. While you’re dancing, picture the reality you would like to live.
  2. Put on your favorite song and sing along or get out a musical instrument and sing your own songs. Singing can move mountains and create miracles when done from the heart space.
  3. Practice Reiki on yourself, get a Reiki healing in person or watch Reiki videos and meditate along with them. Hold a gemstone or crystal in your non-dominant hand during the session (online or in-person).
  4. Go for a walk.
  5. Cook a healthy meal and then bless the food.
  6. Meditate
  7. Practice yoga
  8. Garden
  9. Take the dog for a walk.
  10. Go to the beach or walk among trees.
  11. Do a good deed for someone.
  12. Channel and write a blog post.
  13. Use aromatherapy
  14. Take essential flower essences
  15. Pray
  16. Join a drum circle.
  17. Kayak
  18. Volunteer at an animal shelter.
  19. Listen to Louise Hay videos or audio.
  20. Do a card reading for yourself.

You can add other activities to this list. I’m getting you started here. It’s most important to turn off the news and stay away from social media where people are posting fear-based information. If you are empathic you will pick up too strongly on the collective fear so why cause yourself that harm?

Tune into your intuition and your Higher Self for guidance. The news reporters and producers are not psychic and sometimes, they just talk out both sides of their mouths. Sadly, the news is just another outlet to sell ads and the news producers censor the news so that it doesn’t upset revenue from the ads. Yes, there is an agenda and it’s to provide entertainment in the form of thrillers that causes fight or flight leading to the disease that sells more pharmaceuticals and insurance.

Your intuition knows what is best for you. Listen to your intuition and listen to God and the angels. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then listen to Gaia. Watch for animal signs and omens; watch for synchronicity.

I know that we must clear our Solar Plexus and replace fear with courage. I also know that if we can do that and spread love on the planet now, between the Virgo Full Moon and the Libra Full Moon (on April 7, 2020), that scary virus will abate because we manifested balance and healing as a collective.

This is also a good time to improve your daily habits to create better health and strong immunity. I was watching a trailer for a Hay House documentary series called “Radical Remission” and one of the subjects in the documentary said that he was creating a body resistant to cancer (or disease). We can also do that by transmuting fear, eating more vegetables, treating the Earth with respect, and using plant medicines as well as, energy healing. Love your body and love the Earth. Then good health follows.

Sign up for a session with me. I have a Cancer Sun and Capricorn Ascendant so fear has run my life for too long. Go on a journey with me as we transmute fear into love.


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