The Collective and the Coronavirus


So often we hear about the great web of life that connects us all. But this is a nice concept rather than part of our everyday reality. Then a virus comes along that causes a pandemic across the Earth. When the virus scare began, one of the things I noticed was the myriad of connections of a single person.

While mostly what we hear about and focus on are the frightening aspects of the coronavirus, consider that this virus also has the potential to teach us healthier lifestyles and the ways we affect other people. This reminds us of the webs each of us weaves and how each of us either cooperates and practices conscientious behaviors with others or acts like a narcissist causing damage to the collective.

I met a woman on the bus yesterday who seemed manic. She actually talked non-stop and since the bus was loud, she shouted over the noise of the engine. She was sitting one row back and across the aisles from me. She mentioned that her husband worked for Boeing and that the workers were all sent home (to work from home) because a contract worker tested positive for the virus. This woman showed no symptoms of the disease but I wondered if she had been exposed to the virus via her husband. She was traveling from a city that was affected by the virus. The irony was that she mentioned Typhoid Mary and was criticizing people who spread viruses.

The reason I’m mentioning this woman is not to pass judgment but to show an example of mindless behavior. This woman also waxed on about her love of hunting animals, survivalists, and “the ugly American” and in fact, her behaviors were narcissistic. Then, on the other hand, the man who was the first diagnosed case of having the virus (he had traveled from Wuhan, China), went to get a test after he heard about the virus. This man was conscientious and yes, he tested positive and was quarantined.

My point is that our lifestyles and the ways we connect with even strangers make a difference and ripple outwards. It shouldn’t take a virus to teach us this important lesson. Our words, thoughts, and actions towards ourselves and others are also connecting us to the collective in more ways than we’ll ever know. I’m reminded of the concept of six degrees of separation. And it’s not only that, harsh words to another, even a stranger could lead to that person committing suicide because our words might have been the tipping point for that person.

Likewise, kind words and gestures could and have prevented people from taking their own lives. So, you’re probably wondering why I’m putting a positive spin on a dangerous virus. Every dark cloud has a silver lining and every situation that affects humanity has the potential to awaken our hearts. Even though much of what we’ve experienced or witnessed in the news or social media has been fearful, there are also people acting out of love and conscientiousness such as the person who becomes ill staying at home as to not spread the sickness to others.

Last year, I caught a similar virus and I had a cough. So, I used that time to stay in bed, read, and avoid the public. It reminded me of staying home sick when I was in grade school and watching soap operas or cartoons (instead of doing my homework).

So, here’s the thing, if you do get sick, don’t approach it with fear. Stay home and use that time for self-care. Watch Reiki and healing energy videos, listen to sound healing, say your affirmations, practice gratitude and sleep. For most people, this will be a passing blip a year from now. And when we look back we will see how far we have evolved spiritually. Did we hoard and ransack stores or did we share resources with others? Did we willfully spread a virus and make other people sick or did we heal ourselves?

There will always be harmful bacterias and viruses. However, build your immune system by ditching destructive habits to your body and the environment. A healthy immune system isn’t just for the individual body. It is for the collective, the environment, and the world.

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I'm a former Washingtonian from Washington State, not Washington DC. I currently reside in Pennsylvania, even though my dream was to live and work in Vermont.

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